A deal worth smiling about: Save 20% on Quip’s smart toothbrushes and more today


If you’re like me, there’s almost nothing you dislike more than going to the dentist, and you’d do just about anything to avoid having to. Using the right equipment is a good place to start, and right now, it’s fairly affordable. To help ring in the new year, Quip is offering 20% off its oral care devices and bundles. The discount should be automatically applied on the last page of the checkout, but if not, you just need the promo code NEWYEAR20. 

There are quite a few different devices on sale to help you with your dental health, and you can save more by bundling them. There are two different versions you can customize, each is built around one of Quip’s flagship electric toothbrushes (there are also kid’s versions of both bundles as well). The standard bundle is built around the base model electric toothbrush which uses timed sonic vibrations for a better, deeper clean. 

The smart bundle is built around the smart brush, which pairs with Quip’s iOS or Android app to track your brush duration, intensity and coverage to give you tips and reminders to help you develop healthy brushing habits. You can round out your bundle with plenty of other helpful devices, like a refillable floss pick, mouthwash dispenser or Quip’s anticavity toothpaste. The sale runs until Jan. 23, so be sure to get your orders in before then.

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