Amazon expands remote work options for many employees as pandemic persists

Amazon is no longer trying to implement a one-size-fits-all return to work policy for its employees.

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Amazon is offering its employees more flexibility when it comes to returning to the office, according to a blog post from CEO Andy Jassy on Monday. Instead of trying to implement a one-size-fits-all mandate, Jassy says in-office work days will be determined by individual team directors. Amazon expects some teams will return to the office, some will continue remote work, and others will strike a balance between remote work and coming into the office.

“We’re intentionally not prescribing how many days or which days—this is for directors to determine with their senior leaders and teams,” Jassy said in the post. “The decisions should be guided by what will be most effective for our customers; and not surprisingly, we will all continue to be evaluated by how we deliver for customers, regardless of where the work is performed.”

In June, Amazon said employees wouldn’t be expected to return to the office full-time once coronavirus restrictions in their region have lifted. At the time, Amazon was expecting to return to an office-centric work culture in the fall with employees in the office three days per week. Corporate employees would have the option of working remotely for up to four weeks per year. 

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