Among Us: Play with the new Airship Map today (plus, new hats!)

Play Among Us on a new free Airship map today.


Among Us fans have reason to celebrate today: The massively popular multiplayer mobile game is getting a new, free map to play on, called the Airship. You’ll also find a few new free hats, including a heart, a rubber glove, angry eyebrows and chocolate ice cream (that definitely does not resemble the poop emoji). 

The Airship map includes more than a dozen rooms, new tasks, ladders and the chance to choose the room you start in. It’ll be available to play today at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET. You can also buy a new Airship Skin Pack that includes three new skins (one of which has a custom kill animation) and 13 additional new hats. Watch the trailer for the new map here:

In the game, you play as a crew member attempting to keep your ship together. But one crew member has been replaced by a parasitic shape-shifting alien who wants to eliminate the rest of the crew before the ship reaches home. Problem is, the imposter looks just like everyone else, and will sabotage the ship, sneak through vents, deceive fellow players and try to frame others, all in an attempt to remain undetected and kill off the rest of the crew. The game was released in 2018, but downloads skyrocketed in 2020 due in part to popular Twitch streamers picking it up. On Twitch, Among Us has 9.3 million followers — in comparison, Fortnite has 4.2 million. 

Among Us is free to play on iOS and Android devices (you can download it on the App Store or Google Play Store). Or, it costs $5 to play on a PC (you can download it on Steam or The game currently includes one free level, a spaceship called The Skeld, which most players are likely familiar with, and two paid levels, a sky headquarters and a planet base.

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