Apple reportedly halts iPhone 12 mini production, Hyundai officially takes over Boston Dynamics – Video

This is CNET and hear the stories that matter right now, the iPhone Minnie’s days could be numbered.
MacRumors reported that apple has ceased production of the small smartphone.
After sales didn’t measure up to other I-phones released.
Last year, apple is expected to announce an iPhone 13 But beyond that, the future of the smallest iPhone is uncertain.
Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.
Robotics Company Boston, Dynamics home to internet-famous Robo, dog.
Spot is officially owned by Hyundai Motor Group.
The 1.1 billion dollar deal was announced last year and is now final.
With Hyundai owning about 80% of the company, Hyundai previously announced a new division dedicated to creating walking cars and other robots.
But it isn’t clear how exactly it might incorporate the work of Boston Dynamics into its future plans.
And finally, game developer CD Projekt RED says cyberpunk 2077 is finally back on the PlayStation Store.
With a catch like company says it’s best played on PlayStation five via backwards compatibility or the PlayStation four pro but is not recommended for players using an original PlayStation four In addition, anyone who buys the game on PS4 or Xbox1 will get a free next gen update for PS5 and Xbox series x later this year.
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