April Fools’ Day 2021: Cauliflower Peeps, Duolingo toilet paper and more pranks

You’ll wish TaskRabbit’s April Fools’ TaskRabbits service was real.


April 1 is typically a day for silly jokes, and companies have put a lot of effort into trying to make people laugh. Last year was an exception, but some brands are venturing back into the realm of April Fools’ Day for 2021.

We’re keeping an eye on the shenanigans all day and will update with the latest knee-slappers as they appear.

Satechi Cybermouse

The Satechi Cybermouse April Fools’ joke plays on Elon Musk’s Cybertruck design.


If you think Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck is a looker, then you’ll love the angular lines of Satechi’s joke Cybermouse. The accessory maker says it’s constructed with a unibody aluminum casing and an EV battery. It might be a gag product, but it actually looks kinda cool.

TaskRabbit TaskRabbits

TaskRabbit, the freelance labor marketplace, decided to make a play on its name and introduce TaskRabbits, a service that delivers real live cuddly bunnies to your door along with the Tasker who is providing work. Honestly, it sounds like a dream come true. TaskRabbit is just joking about the bun-buns, but it has pledged to donate up to $4,000 to nonprofit rabbit rescues, so this April Fools’ joke has a charitable component.

Duolingo made some real roll to help bathroom-goers learn a new language.


Language-learning app Duolingo knows people like to read on the loo, so it created the three-ply Duolingo Roll that “turns your bathroom into a classroom.” The Roll website is a spot-on parody complete with reviews like “Keeps my language learning on a regular schedule.” In a show of commitment to the joke, Duolingo actually produced some rolls for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese speakers and will give them away via social media channels.

Surfshark for Windows 95

VPN provider Surfshark went way retro with an ad for a Windows 95 version of its software delivered by way of five floppy disks. It truly captures the zeitgeist of the time. Let the modem jokes commence.

Green Giant Cauliflower Peeps


Nobody asked for Cauliflower Peeps.

Green Giant

People tend to have strong opinions about both cauliflower and Peeps marshmallows, so vegetable company Green Giant decided to meld the two concepts through an April Fools’ joke press release. Fortunately, the companies didn’t actually make the hybrid food, but just the thought of it is enough to make some stomachs flip.  

Chosen Foods GuacPaste


Chosen Foods jokes that kid-friendly flavors garlic, pesto and harvest fresh are coming soon.

If the cauliflower Peeps didn’t phase you, then you might enjoy Chosen Foods’ gag concept of GuacPaste, a guacamole toothpaste made with “hand-scooped Hass avocados.” The package design looks like it would fit right in at Whole Foods.

We’ll update this post as April Fools’ Day jokes appear, so check back for the latest developments.  

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