At 2021 Oscars, Glenn Close demonstrates Da Butt. No, really

Glenn Close, Queen.

Matt Petit/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

This year’s Academy Awards were bound to be different after a coronavirus pandemic that all but stopped people from seeing movies in theaters, but it’s fair to say no one saw this one coming. During a music trivia segment on Sunday night’s show, actress Glenn Close not only correctly identified the 1988 single Da Butt, she got up and demonstrated the dance. Close also spilled some deep knowledge of the song, which was on the soundtrack of Spike Lee’s film School Daze.

“Wait just a second, that’s Da Butt,” she said. “I know that, Da Butt, it’s a classic song by the great Washington DC go-go band, E.U. So, yeah, and shout-outs to Suga Bear, and the Backyard Band, and the whole DMV.”

She also noted that the song wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, and the telecast hilariously bleeped out her reaction to that fact. Then Close got up, in her bright blue sequined gown, and demonstrated the rump-shaking dance, to the delight of the Oscar attendees.

Social media got down with Da Butt, too.

“Did not have Glenn Close doing Da Butt and knowing as much as she did about the song on the 2021 Oscar bingo card,” tweeted Jemele Hill.

“Glenn Close just did da butt on the Oscars is a brand new sentence,” said another Twitter user.

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