Chromebook users will soon be able to auto-caption any media playing in their browser

Google has announced some new features coming to Chromebooks, including the company’s Live Captions feature that will be added to Chrome on “most” Chrome OS devices in the coming weeks. Once Live Captions are available, users can flip them on in the accessibility settings to get captions for any media with audio right inside their browser. The feature rolled out to Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux in March.

Google is also beefing up the Chrome OS Launcher, which lets you search for files and apps, with some new capabilities, allowing you make simple calculations and check the weather, the definition of a word, and stock prices.

Searching for weather in the Launcher.
Image: Google

The search giant is also adding a new Diagnostics app to Chrome OS that lets you check the status of and run tests on your computer’s battery, CPU, and memory. That means that if your battery isn’t holding a charge for as long as you think it should, you can run a battery discharge test in the Diagnostics app to see if something’s wrong.

The new launcher capabilities and the Diagnostics app weren’t available for a colleague of mine running Chrome OS, so they might not be rolled out widely just yet. We’ve asked Google for details about the rollout and will update if we hear back.

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