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Destiny 2‘s Season of the Chosen changes how seasonal challenges and weekly bounties work, which should make it easier for players to actually complete everything. Instead of tracking down weekly bounties, players will now get between three and 10 weekly challenges every Tuesday for the first 10 weeks of the season.

Here are all the seasonal and weekly challenges for Season of the Chosen up to week six.

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How challenges work in Season of the Chosen

Bungie has overhauled the weekly challenges in Season of the Chosen. Weekly bounties are now weekly challenges, and you’ll have access to them for the duration of the season. If you miss a couple of challenges, or if you take some time off, you can still complete them before Season of the Chosen ends on May 11.

There will be 75 total weekly challenges over the first 10 weeks of Season of the Chosen, tasking you with gathering Cabal Gold for the Hammer of Proving, calibrating elemental weapons on certain planets, and much more. Every challenge awards XP, at least, though others may include emblems, weapons, and/or Bright Dust. A few select challenges award War Table reputation, allowing you to upgrade the Hammer of Proving at the HELM.

You don’t need to do anything to start the weekly challenges. Inside the Quests panel in your Director, you’ll see the weekly challenges listed with your progress. Simply complete the challenge, claim it in the Quests panel, and the rewards are yours. You don’t need the season pass to access weekly challenges, though some require you to complete activities only available to season pass holders.

Some challenges persist between weeks, too. For example, week one has the Golden Reaper challenge, where you need to gather 100 Cabal Gold. Week two has the same challenge, but it requires 200 Cabal Gold. Your progress in these types of challenges carries over between weeks.

In addition to the rewards and War Table reputation, completing all 75 weekly challenges will round out the Master of All seasonal challenge. This is the only seasonal challenge at the time of writing, and it simply requires you to complete all of the weekly challenges. For your effort, you’ll be rewarded with a large pile of Bright Dust.

Season of the Chosen: Weekly challenges

Below, we’ve listed the challenges for each week of Season of the Chosen, along with a few tips for completing them. If you need to jump to a specific week, use the links below.

Week one

Weekly challenge Requirements Rewards
Contender’s Ascent
  • Complete Challenger’s Proving quest
  • Defeat 75 Cabal enemies with rocket launchers
  • Code Duello
  • Empress
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Golden Reaper
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Crash and Converge
  • Smash five Tribute Chests
  • Focus five Season of the Chosen engrams
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Lenses in Focus
  • Play the Battlegrounds playlist to unlock your first lens
Challenger’s Aspiration
  • Complete three weekly challenges
  • Complete bounties, patrols, public events, and/or lost sectors on Europa
Hail of Bullets
  • Calibrate kinetic weapons on Europa (lost sectors award bonus progress)
Dredgin’ Up Victory
  • Complete Gambit matches (wins award bonus progress)
Flourish of Power
  • Defeat 50 Guardians in the Mayhem playlist
Dominance Operandi: Fallen
  • Defeat Fallen in strikes (tougher enemies award bonus progress)

Week one is very straightforward. After you complete Challenger’s Proving, we recommend heading to the Battlegrounds playlist first. That will automatically complete Lenses in Focus and give you a head start on defeating 75 Cabal enemies. Then, cycle through Gambit, Crucible, and strikes to gather your Cabal Gold and finish off the bottom three challenges.

By then, you should have a few Hammer Charges (make sure to put an emblem in the Hammer of Proving between each Battlegrounds match), allowing you to complete Crash and Converge. Then, it’s just a matter of cleaning up some enemies on Europa for Icebound and Challenger’s Aspiration. Week one is easy, so you shouldn’t have any problems completing all 10 challenges.

Week two

Weekly challenge Requirements Rewards
Contender’s Ascent II
  • Complete Challenger’s Proving II
  • Empress
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Golden Reaper
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Crash and Converge
  • Smash 10 Tribute Chests
  • Focus 10 Season of the Chosen engrams
  • War Table reputation (medium)
The Bigger They Are
  • Defeat 60 Cabal elites or bosses
Trials of the Tinker
Chosen Cosmonaut
  • Complete bounties, patrols, public events, and/or lost sectors in the Cosmodrome
Expose to the Elements
  • Calibrate elemental weapons in the Cosmodrome
Drifter’s Chosen
  • Earn 250 points in Gambit by banking motes, killing blockers, and defeating invaders
 Entertain Lord Shaxx
  • Complete matches in the Showdown playlist (wins award bonus progress)
Dominance Operandi: Cabal
  • Defeat five Cabal bosses in strikes

Week two continues the pattern established in week one. The first three challenges are continuations of challenges from week one, and your progress carries over. Battlegrounds is still a great place to start, allowing you to tackle The Bigger They Are and Crash and Converge. From there, cycle through Gambit, Crucible, and strikes to complete the bottom three challenges and rack up some Cabal Gold.

Before doing any of that, though, head to the HELM to pick up Challenger’s Proving II. Just like the week one quest, this one is short and straightforward, and it’ll give you a decent start on the other weekly challenges.

Week three

Weekly challenge Requirements Rewards
Contender’s Ascent III
  • Complete Challenger’s Proving III
  • XP
  • Empress
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Golden Reaper
  • XP
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Crash and Converge
  • Smash 15 Tribute Chests
  • Focus 15 Season of the Chosen engrams
  • XP
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Captain’s Log
  • Find all five clues in the Presage quest
Failsafe Forward
  • Complete bounties, patrols, public events, and/or lost sectors on Nessus
Challenger’s Apogee
Algorithmic Precision
  • Calibrate weapons with precision final blows on Nessus
Primeval Entourage
  • Defeat Taken in Gambit (tough enemies award bonus progress)
Iron Sharpens Iron
  • Complete Iron Banner matches (wins award bonus progress)
 Challenge Our Foes
  • Complete five playlist strikes

Week three is all about Nessus, echoing challenges from the first two weeks in a different location. Golden Reaper, Contender’s Ascent, and Crash and Converge show up again, so make sure to head to the HELM and complete the quest before grinding the Battlegrounds playlist. Otherwise, play PvE on Nessus and participate in playlist activities, and you shouldn’t have too many problems.

The oddball is Captain’s Log. This challenge references the Presage Exotic quest that awards the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic scout rifle. After playing through, return to the quest and hunt for five logs to complete this challenge.

Week four

Weekly challenge Requirements Rewards
Contender’s Ascent IV
  • Complete Challenger’s Proving IV
  • Defeat 50 Cabal with sniper rifles
  • XP
  • Far Future sniper rifle
  • Empress
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Golden Reaper
  • XP
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Intruder Alert
  • Keep Ghost from being interrupted in Battlegrounds missions, twice
Explosive Entrance
  • Defeat 10 Champions in Battlegrounds
  • Get 45 grenade final blows in Battlegrounds
  • XP
  • War Table reputation (medium)
Contender’s Delve
  • Complete a Lost Sector on Legend or higher
Challenger’s Cipher
  • Decrypt five Prime Engrams
Sling the Stone…
  • Stagger, pierce, or disrupt 30 Champions
High-Value Hunter
  • Defeat 75 power combatants in Gambit (high-value targets award bonus progress)
Cadre of Contenders
  • Complete 15 Crucible matches in the Competitive playlist
 Vanguard Chosen
  • Complete three Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes on Hero or higher

Week four marks an uptick in difficulty across the board, with more difficult strike, Gambit, and Crucible challenges. As with previous weeks, start this one by heading to the HELM to pick up Challenger’s Proving IV and complete it. This time, you get more lore, War Table reputation, and XP, but also the Far Future sniper rifle from Season of the Chosen.

There aren’t any planet-specific challenges this week, so we recommend bouncing back and forth between Battlegrounds, strikes, Gambit, and Crucible. As long as you’re focused on Vanguard Chosen, Cadre of Contenders, High-Value Hunter, and Explosive Entrance, you should naturally pick up the other challenges without too many problems. Golden Reaper shows up again this week, too, building on the Cabal Gold you’ve earned in previous weeks.

Week five

Weekly challenge Requirements Rewards
Contender’s Ascent V
  • Complete Challenger’s Proving V
  • XP
  • Empress
  • War Table reputation (large)
Golden Reaper
  • XP
  • War Table reputation (large)
Graven Scrawl
  • Investigate the three notes left in the captain’s log
Lenses in Focus
  • Unlock five lenses for the Prismatic Recaster
Apex Armorer
  • Masterwork a piece of armor
Salvager’s Salvo Armament
  • Acquire the Seasonal Ritual grenade launcher
In It for Infamy
  • Earn five Infamy ranks in Gambit
Ultimate Champion
  • Defeat Champions in Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes (higher difficulties award bonus progress)

Week five brings a lot of changes. New versions of Contender’s Ascent and Golden Reaper are available, so make sure to head to the HELM before doing anything else. Otherwise, the challenges are specialized. Graven Scrawl references the Captain’s Log challenge from week three, tasking you with finding all the clues in this season’s Presage Exotic quest. Apex Armorer and Lenses in Focus are straightforward, but make sure to check out our guide on Destiny 2 Masterwork gear if you’re having problems with the former.

Salvager’s Salvo Armament tasks you with unlocking the Salvager’s Salvo grenade launcher, this season’s Ritual weapon. Make sure to read our Salvager’s Salvo guide to unlock it, as it’s an extremely powerful grenade launcher and will net you 4x XP. In It for Infamy and Ultimate Champion just require time, but you’ll earn Cabal Gold and progress toward Golden Reaper. You have to do a little more legwork in week five, but you’ll earn more XP and War Table reputation compared to previous weeks.

Week six

Weekly challenge Requirements Rewards
Contender’s Ascent VI
  • Complete Challenger’s Proving VI
  • Defeat 60 Cabal with a bow
  • XP
  • Imperial Needle
  • Empress
  • War Table reputation (large)
Small-Caliber Contender
  • Defeat combatants with a submachine gun (Battlegrounds mission award bonus progress)
Nightfall Variety Attack
  • Defeat 80 combatants with sniper rifles, submachine guns, rocket launchers, and/or bows in Nightfall: The Ordeal
Cabal Contenders
  • Defeat 65 Elite or Boss Cabal in Battlegrounds missions
  • XP
  • War table reputation (large)
Once Chosen, Now Fallen
  • Calibrate weapons against Fallen (precision final blows award bonus progress)
Kill Them With Style
  • Acquire the Pyretic ornament for the Salvager’s Salvo
Conquest of the Mighty
  • Complete any Nightfall: The Ordeal strike on Grandmaster difficulty

Week six slims down the list of challenges even more, focusing on more difficult tasks with higher rewards. As with previous weeks, head to the HELM and pick up Challenger’s Proving VI. Also, make sure to equip a bow to start working on your 60 kills. Contender’s Ascent VI is the most rewarding challenge of week six, giving you the Imperial Needle bow, some XP, more lore, and a large boost to your War Table reputation.

Small-Caliber Contender, Nightfall Variety Attack, Cabal Contenders, and Once Chosen, Now Fallen just take time. Grind Battlegrounds missions for Small-Caliber Contender and Cabal Contenders while keeping your loadout in mind. You can group Once Fallen, Now Chosen and Nightfall Variety Attack together by running Fallen strikes too. That includes The Arms Dealer, Lake of Shadows, Exodus Crash, Broodhold, and all the Beyond Light strikes.

Kill Them with Style builds on the Salvager’s Salvo grenade launcher you (hopefully) picked up last week. You can pick up the Pyretic ornament by completing the Crucible Salvager quest from Lord Shaxx. To earn it, you’ll need 30 grenade launcher kills and six Valor ranks in Crucible. Multikills award bonus progress, so make sure to brush up on your Crucible skills.

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