Electric Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan reveals cockpit dominated by massive Hyperscreen

That’s a lot of screen.


Here’s the Mercedes-Benz EQS‘ ginormous Hyperscreen in all its glory. This weekend, the German luxury brand decided to show off the interior in full before the car’s debut on April 15. While we’ve had glimpses of the massive screen before, this is the first time we’ve seen the unit in its true setting: embedded into the dashboard.

Needless to say, it’s a statement piece. The entire instrument panel becomes a screen with multiple displays merged to cover 56 inches of digital real estate. In total, passengers gaze upon 2.6 square feet of the Hyperscreen’s curved glass construction. The EQS is meant to serve as an electric counterpart to the S-Class, so yeah, this is going to be the Mercedes-Benz of EVs, if you will.

The interior sure looks the part, with a lovely white upholstery matched with a dark wood grain and mood lighting that emits from numerous crevices inside the car. As for the screen itself, the driver has a digital gauge cluster ahead of them, while a massive center infotainment screen sits in the middle. The passenger, too, gets a screen to fiddle around with that mirrors many of the center screen’s functions. Hopefully there are some restrictions owners can place on the passenger screen, or else this setup may really redefine what backseat drivers can accomplish.

Flicking on music pumps sound waves through a 15-speaker, 710-watt Burmester sound system. Massaging seats are also included.

When it comes to navigating through menus, Mercedes-Benz said it employed a “zero layer” ethos. In other words, you won’t need to scroll through a single menu to get to the control you want, with all essentials always available somewhere on the screen. That includes digital climate control buttons. The brand said each area with a control includes a carefully calibrated haptic touch point to mimic the feel of a physical button, to help you discern whether a control was activated or not. Force feedback can also change the function of a control if you press on the screen harder or softer. 

Mercedes-Benz said built-in artificial intelligence also makes the Hyperscreen incredibly smart, especially if the car pairs with a compatible smartwatch. Using 350 sensors, the car can adapt the EQS’ driving sound, kick the “Energizing Coach” into gear with recommendations and provide a desired menu at the right time.

Speaking of the driving sound, we learned the car will come with two factory sound scapes; one called Silver Waves and another titled Vivid Flux. They’re optional and can be turned off via the Hyperscreen, but it’s always fun to see what automakers make an electric car sound like.

We’ll get full details on the electric luxury car soon, with the EQS’ reveal just a few weeks away. But if the company wanted to make a statement with its first EV built on a dedicated platform, it looks like we’re getting it.

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