Fiat 500 Hey Google edition is the weird brand collab you’ve been searching for

It’s mostly just a Fiat 500 with some subtle Google branding.


It typically ends up being entertaining (if not usually very good) when automakers look outside the automotive space for brand partnerships. This is how we got the Iron Man Hyundai Kona, the Call of Duty Jeep Wrangler, or if you want to go way back, the Levi’s Edition AMC Gremlin.

The colored dots are actually a cool touch.


The latest weirdo collaboration is the 2021 Fiat 500 Hey Google Edition, which the brand announced on Wednesday. That’s right, you can now get yourself a Google-branded Fiat 500 if you live in Europe, but what kinds of sweet, sweet search engine-themed design touches does it have? 

Not all that many, to be honest. It’s got a black roof and mirror caps, 15-inch wheels and a silver dashboard. It’s available in Gelato White, Pastel Gray, Vesuvius Black, Pompeii Gray and Blue Italia. It’s also got some dot decals on the B pillar in Google’s corporate colors, along with seats that feature the same motif as well as “Hey Google” embroidery. 

The big thing with the Hey Google 500 (and L and X) is the integration of Mopar Connect Services with Google Assistant. Together, they allow you to use natural speech to interact with your vehicle and interact remotely with smart home devices connected to your account.

The dot motif continues inside the cabin, too.


To help kick things off on the smart home front, each Hey Google 500 will include a Nest Hub with a letter telling you how to set everything up to work together.

We’re not totally sure when the 500 Hey Google will be available or how much Fiat will charge for it, but we reached out to Fiat representatives to find out. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear back in time for publication.

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