Fitbit outage leaves users unable to sync data or sign in

What you need to know

  • Users are reporting synching issues with their Fitbits.
  • Some users are unable to sign in, while others are not seeing their steps.
  • DownDetector shows a spike in reports as of 3 pm ET.
  • Fitbit says it is currently investigating the issue.

Fitbits are great health and fitness trackers, but they’re not infallible and occasionally suffer from outages and synching issues. It seems that is once again the case as users report problems with the Fitbit app on Monday.

Several Reddit users have complained that they’re having trouble accessing their information. One user says they can’t sign into the app, while another says their data has seemingly disappeared altogether. One Fitbit Premium subscriber says the app no longer recognizes their subscription even though they pay monthly.

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