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Our cool font generator is an online free tool that makes your conversation more attractive. Just copy and paste your text into this stylish text generator. 

Font generator

Font generator  is very simple to use and makes your text more unique and good-looking. The main work of the text generator is to decorate your text with different and unique symbols. You can make your text versatile by adding beautiful symbols and putting this content on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Cool Fancy generator is also a cool text generator in which different decorated texts are present, you simply copy these texts and paste them anywhere you want. So let’s talk about the basic properties of this generator;

Properties of font generator:

  • It is a very amazing text generator because it converts your simple text into cool and fancy text.
  • It adds different and unique symbols and designs to your text so that it looks unique from others.
  • Cool Fonts has also a large collection of fonts for example you can easily convert your text into calligraphy fonts, tattoo fonts, web script fonts, handwriting fonts, cursive fonts, pretty fonts, and word fonts, old English fonts, Art fonts, etc.
  • You can design your words in different styles and also use these fancy text in your Instagram posts, captions, and bio.
  • It is copied and paste generator, you just put your favorite text and use them anywhere like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.
  • Different styles like serif and sans serif font styles are available in the fancy generator, you can easily put this design in your simple text and make it more versatile than others.

How does a font generator make your text versatile and good-looking?

As you know, people love the versatility and that content that is unique from others. That’s why they find new ways and unique techniques to create creative content to increase more attention from people. For example, if you are launching your products on Instagram and Facebook pages then you must need unique descriptions and captions. 

It is very necessary because if you put cool text and fancy text in your posts then more people attract to your posts and like your products. In this way, your selling rate increases, and you can easily promote your products more and more.

For unique content, a fancy text generator is a reliable and convenient way because it changes your boring text into cool and unique text that looks more amazing.

If you are simply using any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you want that your posts get more likes, comments, and shares. Then you can use fancy fonts in your profile and posts. By putting cool fonts in your profile more traffic comes to your profile and you gain more followers.

You can add fancy texts to your messages also using . If you want that other person to impress you then you can use this fancy text in sending messages. You can add beautiful and fancy words by copying from the alphabet generator.

How to copy and paste fancy fonts?

It is very easy to use this fancy text for generating cool and stylish texts. You just put your simple text In the section box of the fancy texts that are present at the top of the page. After that, it converts your simple text into different fancy texts. Now it depends on you, you can easily choose your favorite text design. After selecting the font style, long-press on it. Here is an option of paste. Hit on it. Now, this font design is easily saved in your system.

Now you can go to any social media site where you want to put the font and copy this cool font here.

With the help of this generator, now it become very easy to change your simple or boring fonts into good-looking and stylish fonts.

Is font generator supported on all kinds of devices?

Yes, it is supported on all devices because it is device-friendly. You can use this generator for creating unique texts on mobile phones, laptops, computers, or ios devices like iPhones or iPad. This tool is safe and secure and can not develop any threat or malware on your device. You don’t need any additional application for generating text because it is enough for you.


Now in this modern world, people love creative and unique content and also like content that is not similar to others. So the priority of every blogger, you tuber, and social media user is to develop amazing and versatile words in their content. That’s why we guided you above the well-established text generator that changes your simple text into fancy and cool texts. It decorates your content in a good manner. This article consists of specific information about font generators. I hope this content proves to be very helpful for you in proper learning about alphabets generators, their properties, and usage on different social media platforms. Keep sharing this informative content with your friends and beloved ones so that they also get advantages from it. Best of luck.

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