Get ready for the Oscars by stocking up on previous Oscar winners this weekend

Fandango Now

Even if you’re someone who only casually watches the Oscars, Sunday night’s 93rd Academy Awards should be pretty exciting. After being delayed for a few months (they’re typically held in February), the rules are also different — this year more movies are eligible, including films released straight to streaming platforms. And if you have Oscar fever, the remedy isn’t more cowbell — it’s watching past Oscar winners. Right now, Fandango Now has a sale on a slew of past Academy Award-winning movies

Fandango Now has several collections to choose from. Of its 29 bundles on offer, the most intriguing is its Award-Winning Bundles. While some of them make sense, like The Godfather Trilogy (buy it for $20) and the animated and live-action versions of Mulan (also available for $20), most of them are seemingly random bundles. 

For example: You can get Forrest Gump, No Country for Old Men, Gladiator and Braveheart in one package for $20. Unless I am missing a common thread (the same gaffer worked all four pictures?), the only thing these movies have in common is that they were all Best Picture winners at one time or another. Nonetheless, I think that’s a feature, not a bug: It’s fun to browse the collections for a bundle to grab. And you’ll definitely save money — this particular collection would cost you $32 on Google Play if you bought each movie separately. 

Don’t forget to check out the other collections as well. Fandango has rounded up 61 Best Picture winners with options like Parasite for $10, 12 Years a Slave for $15 and Chicago for $10

You can also browse 66 Best Actress films, 69 Best Actor winners and more. Have fun building out your award-winning movie library. 

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