Get your favorite movie trilogies in 4K for as little as $12

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Movies have been my personal Zen space throughout the pandemic. Thank goodness for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and all the other streaming services for delivering a never-ending stream of movies to my doorstep. But some films are special enough that you want to own them, doubly so for trilogies and other multi-film collections. Right now you can get some of your favorite trilogies on sale at Fandango Now, where dozens of three-film bundles are now on sale starting around $12

I count 84 bundles in total, and many of them are in 4K. Most of these are franchise trilogies, like Planet of the Apes, Star Trek and The Matrix (though I can’t imagine what the second two films are, because there is only one Matrix film. Don’t try to say otherwise; I will fight you). But Fandango Now has also packaged some three-film collections from stars and filmmakers — like the Morgan Freeman collection (Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls and The Sum of All Fears) and a Martin Scorsese collection that includes The Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island and Bringing Out the Dead.

While some of these movies are available on other streaming services right now, that won’t always be true — films come and go. You’ll save a bunch buying many of these collections from Fandango Now; to get the three Beverly Hills Cop movies in 4K at Amazon, for example, you’d spend $41; the Beverly Hills Cop collection is $20 at Fandango right now. 

Intrigued? Feel free to browse the whole Fandango Now deal page, but here are some of my favorite picks:

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