Get your tires installed at home with Firestone’s new mobile shops

These vans pack a lot of capability.


Five years ago, having a company perform an oil change at home was on no one’s radar. The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to rethink strategies as more people stay home and avoid typical errands. Clearly, that thinking will extend well beyond the pandemic because on Wednesday, Bridgestone and Firestone revealed new mobile shops.

Officially called Firestone Direct, the mobile shops pack all the capabilities to install new tires, perform oil changes and handle brake work from a van. You, as the customer, don’t have to ever leave your house. The only requirements to have a mobile Firestone come to you are a clean, flat surface (like a driveway) with enough clearance to lift the vehicle for a particular service. A certified technician will show up, execute the work and leave for a super convenient, and in the case of the pandemic, contact-free manner.

The mobile shops also feature neat technology to ensure techs don’t lug bulky equipment with them. Oil changes will feature a new “vacuum-style” oil removal system, which sucks old engine oil via the dipstick location, rather than heading underneath the car where the chance of a spill is greater. Further, a digital tire balancing system is onboard to help techs fully and completely rotate or replace tires. The company promised these mobile shops provide the same expertise as a brick-and-mortar location, only they’ll come to you instead. That’s, frankly, incredible to fathom.

Right now, Firestone operates the service in Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa and Orlando and plans to expand to more locations throughout the year. In 2023, the company hopes to roll the service out nationwide.

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