Google Fi is adding a less expensive unlimited plan

Google Fi has announced a basic, less expensive unlimited plan called Simply Unlimited in addition to its current unlimited offering, now called Unlimited Plus. The new plan costs $60 per month for a single line and forgoes a couple of features available on the more expensive plan: international data and mobile tethering. It’s the second time the MVNO has introduced a new unlimited plan, each marking a step toward a more conventional wireless plan pricing structure.

Simply Unlimited covers the expected basics of an unlimited cellular plan: unlimited data, calls, and texting in the US. While the newly dubbed Unlimited Plus (still $70 per month for one line) provides high-speed data and texting in over 200 countries for international travelers, Simply Unlimited only includes data and text in Canada and Mexico. The new plan doesn’t include hotspot tethering either, whereas Unlimited Plus includes high-speed tethering (subject to the plan’s 22GB overall limit on high-speed data).

Offering a cheaper plan without tethering tracks with other basic unlimited plans from the big wireless carriers; they tend to include slower tethering or none at all. Fi seems to be taking one more step toward conventional wireless offerings as an alternative to the unorthodox Flexible plan it launched with six years ago — and which is still available today.

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