Google’s more affordable Chromecast HD is available today for $30

The cheaper Chromecast looks identical to the 4K model. | Image: Google

Google’s less expensive no-4K streaming player is officially being announced today. As rumored, it’s called the Chromecast with Google TV HD and slots into the company’s lineup beneath the $49.99 4K-capable Chromecast with Google TV released in 2020. Leaving out support for Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos has helped Google shave the price down to $29.99, which is even less than the original $35 Chromecast that became an unexpected hit nearly a decade ago.

But times have changed, and instead of relying solely on casting for entertainment like it once did, Google has embraced a traditional lean-back experience with its Google TV platform and bundled remote control.

Like similar streaming products from Amazon and Roku that top out at 1080p…

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