Honor Band 6: Former Huawei unit launches new fitness tracker internationally

Honor’s Band 6 gets a design overhaul, resulting in a wrist wearable that looks more smartwatch, and less like a fitness tracker.


Looking for an affordable fitness tracker? Honor, formerly owned by Huawei, is gearing up for the global release of its latest wrist wearable, the Honor Band 6, after showing it off at CES 2021. It costs 49.90 euros (approximately $60, £40 or AU$80) and will be available for purchase internationally starting Sunday via Alibaba’s AliExpress. 

Honor’s next-gen wrist accessory features a much-larger 1.47-inch AMOLED display, tracks your heart rate, is water-resistant down to 50 meters and is advertised as having a 14-day battery life with normal use. Honor also added a feature that’s been thrust in the spotlight due to the pandemic: blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring. With this inclusion, the Honor Band 6 joins high-end wrist wearables like the Apple Watch 6 and Fitbit Sense in sporting the feature.

Honor didn’t specify how the blood monitoring tech works, but it likely relies on sensors on the underside of the device to give you an estimate of the variability of oxygen levels in your bloodstream. Like Apple, the Chinese company said the Band 6 should be used only for wellness purposes and not as a medical device, meaning you’ll have to take the results with a grain of salt and shouldn’t use it to screen for any type of disease

Other health management features on the Honor Band 6 include an optical heart rate sensor, which offers round-the-clock heart-rate monitoring and sleep tracking. As far as fitness tracking goes, there are 10 workout modes to choose from, including swimming and rowing.

The Honor Band 6 is available in black, grey and pink.

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