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The term “podcast” has since become ubiquitous, as programs like Serial and Criminal have become pillars of modern culture. Essentially talk programs you can listen to at your leisure, podcasts have their roots in the early days of the internet when services provided shows to radio stations in digital formats. However, it wasn’t until the dawn of high-speed internet and the rise of portable media players that digital radio shows could be widely distributed.

Unlike traditional radio, podcast hosts can produce shows in their living room on any topic they choose without being shackled by Federal Communications Commission regulations. Today, hundreds of thousands of options are flitting about on the web, covering every topic imaginable, including sports podcasts, history podcasts, space podcasts, and even gastronomy.

For those new to podcasts, getting started may seem daunting. While you can download a podcast from its website, several iOS and Android apps allow you to download episodes and sort them with ease automatically. Sometimes dubbed “podcatchers,” these apps are available on various systems and are generally cheap (or even free). Read on to learn how to download podcasts and listen to them on your device.

How to use podcast apps

A good podcasting app (we’ll call it a podcatcher from now on) ought to do at least two things: It should provide access to a comprehensive library of podcasts, and it should make it easy to listen to. Such apps will typically have a clean, easy-to-navigate layout. Pocket Casts, for example, offers tabs for finding trending podcasts, featured podcasts, and the most popular podcasts, as well as a search bar so users can look for specific programs.

Selecting the “Top” tab brings up a list of Pocket Casts’ users’ most popular podcasts. One of the most efficient things about podcast apps is that they let you subscribe to a podcast rather than download individual episodes. On apps such as Pocket Casts, subscribing is as simple as tapping a button — in this case, the “+” symbol or a checkmark next to a podcast’s name.

Once you are subscribed to a podcast, the app will typically alert you when a new episode is available and give you the ability to manually download episodes, in this case by tapping the Download or Play button next to an episode’s name.

Clicking on the button to bring up the options menu — represented by the three dots above the individual episodes — will bring up additional options, such as the ability to sort episodes and manage your archive options.

Some podcatchers will also automatically download the latest episodes of podcasts you subscribe to. In the case of Pocket Casts, this is an option that you must turn on from the podcast’s main settings. You can even set only specific podcasts to download.

That is really all there is to it. Podcatchers make downloading podcasts onto iOS and Android devices far, far easier than the old-fashioned way of downloading podcasts from a site and uploading them to a phone’s hard drive. These apps also tend to have extra features designed to enhance the user experience, such as speeding up or slowing down audio.

There are many podcast apps out there, and some are better than others. Below are our picks for some of the more noteworthy ones.

Best apps for podcasts

Google Podcasts (free)

Google Podcast

It used to be that podcasts were resigned to a small section of Google Play Music, but that all changed with Google Podcasts’ launch. It’s sleek and stylish, boasting the clean look that typifies any Google app, and it comes with access to millions of podcasts. It’s a bit shorter on features than some other apps right now, but Google is adding missing features quickly, and there is some great Assistant integration to make up for it in the meantime. Just ask Google Assistant to put on the latest episode of a specific podcast, and it’s done.

Google Play

Castbox (free/in-app purchases)

Castbox Podcast app

Winner of many awards from Google’s annual Google Play Awards, Castbox has established itself as a standout app in the podcast sphere. The creators previously worked on Podcast Player and have used that experience to create Castbox — their take at an all-in-one podcast app. It has most of what you’d expect from a podcatcher, with access to more than a million podcasts, cloud syncing, and Chromecast and Amazon Echo support. The layout is clean, and finding your favorite podcasts is easy. Once found, you can share them on social media platforms and leave comments on podcasts in the app. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a free lunch; Castbox is ad-supported, and if you want to bypass those, it’ll cost you $1 a month.

If you’re a podcaster yourself, Castbox offers some services for you, including hosting, advertising, and unlimited storage.

iOS Google Play

Pocket Casts (Free/$1 monthly subscription)

Pocket Casts

As you might have deduced by now, Pocket Casts is a powerful app that’s available on most platforms. In addition to its library of more than 300,000 podcasts, the app is fairly simple to use and presents information with a clean design. In addition to its core features, Pocket Casts also offers various functions to make life easier. There are notifications to alert users if a podcast they subscribe to has new episodes, voice balance to ensure all hosts on a show sound about the same, and playback speed for those who want to blitz through their daily playlist. Users can also stream episodes rather than download them, saving storage space. It even has a web player, so you can continue from where you left off on any device. PocketCasts features a free experience with access to its extensive collection and suite of features. Still, for those looking to use the app on desktop or cloud storage, PocketCasts offers PocketCasts Plus for $1 a month or $10 for a full year.

iOS Google Play

Overcast (Free/$10 monthly subscription)

Overcast app

Committed iOS users may find Overcast to be their best option for podcast listening. Designed purely for iOS, Overcast has a minimalist interface that suits Apple’s design philosophy. Like Pocket Casts, this app has features such as customizable playlists, voice normalizing, and variable playback speeds, so users can listen to podcasts the way they want. There is also a sleep timer, so users can listen to a podcast as they fall asleep. Overcast’s library of podcasts is extensive, and discovering new programs is easy. The app is also designed to work on Apple Watch, making it one of the most versatile podcatchers for Apple fans. The ad-supported version of the app is free, but if you opt for the Premium ad-free version, it will cost you $10 a year.


Stitcher Radio (Free/in-app purchases)

Stitcher podcast app

Though likely the biggest name in podcast apps, Stitcher is not quite as robust as apps like Overcast. The app provides the basic features users need in a podcatcher, such as subscribe, make playlists, and change playing speed, but lacks quality-of-life features like sleep timers. The app can also be a bit buggy, and it’s prone to long load times, crashing, and similar issues. It features a free version, though the app has ads as a result. It works with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and tablets, and it also has Alexa integration. Those looking for an ad-free experience can pay $5 a month for the premium version while also gaining access to some bonus content and original content.

iOS Google Play

Apple Podcasts (Free)

Apple Podcasts

Believe it or not, but Apple fans don’t have to look far for a capable podcatcher. The company’s native podcast app is already baked into iOS devices, allowing users to discover and subscribe to various programming. Not surprisingly, the aptly titled Podcasts fits into Apple’s larger ecosystem and syncs with users’ accounts. Unfortunately, the app can be annoying to navigate, creating playlists and deleting episodes a hassle. It’s sufficient for simply downloading and listening to podcasts on an iPhone, but it cannot compare with the ease and utility of an app like Overcast.


Manually downloading podcasts

The most direct way to download an episode of a podcast is simply downloading it from the source. Most podcasts allow users to download or stream episodes directly from a site, so if you want to listen to podcasts on a computer, this is one way to go about it. If you have an Android phone, this is a quick and easy way to get a specific episode on your device.

Typically, there’s a download link that you can click to save an episode to a specific spot on your hard drive. For example, when browsing Death, Sex, and Money’s website on a PC, right-click the download episode link, then select Save Link As.

How to download a podcast

At this point, a box will open, prompting you to choose an appropriate save location on your computers, such as your desktop or Downloads folder.

How to download a podcast 2

The episode is saved on your computer, and you can open it with any media player that can handle the file type. To upload an episode to an Android device, connect it to the computer, which will allow you to browse the various files and folders on your phone. Android devices will usually have a folder marked Podcasts, and, naturally, this is a good place to save episodes. Copy or cut the file from your computer, and paste it to the Podcasts folder.

downloading a podcast episode 3

The episode is now on your computer. From here, you can open it with any media player that’s compatible with the file type. To upload the content to an Android device, connect it to the computer. Then, you can browse the various files and folders on your phone. Android devices will usually have a folder marked Podcasts. Naturally, this is an excellent place to save your podcasts. Copy or cut the file from your computer, and paste it to the Podcasts folder.

Now, the episode should be on your phone. You can listen to it — even without Wi-Fi or a cell signal — via any audio app that plays the file type. For Android, Google Podcasts is an especially great option, even if you don’t choose what’s available in the listening library.

Manual downloading works best if you only listen to the occasional podcast episode or plan to archive a specific file. Downloading individual episodes is handy in some cases — but it can also be an incredibly time-consuming process if you are a podcast addict who wants to listen to a new episode daily.

You’ll notice how ridiculous it is to download single podcasts, similarly to downloading a full album one song at a time. For those who listen to podcasts on a routine basis, you may save a lot more time and headaches by downloading an efficient podcast app. Still, manually downloading files allows you to listen to any podcast you want at any given time. There are still major benefits with this option, especially if you know you won’t have Wi-Fi for some time. Downloading many podcasts is comparable to downloading a ton of e-books that you can read during an extended weekend trip. 

We’ve created a thorough guide that walks you through how to make a successful podcast. In this guide, we explain the do’s and don’t when creating your broadcast. This helpful tool is designed for amateurs entering the podcast world for the very first time. 

As with most entertainment mediums nowadays, there is something out there to pique everyone’s specific preferences and interests. Podcasts can come in a wide range of topics and styles. We acknowledge that you might be unsure which one is best for you with the countless podcasts streaming through the airwaves. This may lead to you giving up after checking out a few that don’t successfully capture your attention. Either way, we invite you to check this list of our favorite podcasts to see if our recommendations match your taste. With this list, you can immediately start listening to something awesome. 

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