How to get package alerts from your Nest doorbell or camera

Why do people have doorbells? Well, generally it’s to know if someone is at the door. Traditionally that only works when the doorbell’s button is pressed. Then came video doorbells and the possibility of additional awareness expanded what was expected from a doorbell. Now you can be alerted by the presence of someone near your door without any interaction at all. Nest cameras and doorbells can even detect familiar faces and packages. Package detection is great considering the number of deliveries that are made daily. So, let’s get your Nest Doorbell or Nest Cam set up for package detection.

How to get package alerts from your Nest doorbell or camera

Google has routinely added new features and improved existing ones on the Nest Cam and Nest Doorbells. When I reviewed the new Nest Doorbell (wired, 2nd gen), I was impressed with how many of the AI intelligent detection features worked. Thankfully, Google didn’t put all of these fancy detection options behind a subscription. The steps to get your Nest Cam or Nest Doorbell ready to notify you of a package delivery aren’t too bad, so let’s get into it. I’ll be using the Nest Doorbell in the steps below as an example.

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