iPhone supplier Foxconn may build EVs in Wisconsin

Foxconn showed off an EV platform previously, marking its march into auto production.


One of Apple’s key suppliers for its iPhone has made clear it’s ready to move into the realm of manufacturing more than technology components — Foxconn wants to build electric cars. As for where it may set up shop for such activities, the Chinese company may select its plant in Wisconsin.

Foxconn Chairman Liu Young-way said Tuesday that the company is in the middle of planning for its next phase, Reuters reports, and said the company’s plant in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, is being considered for EV production. Foxconn landed its first major partner last month in a new venture with Fisker. The startup carmaker will work with Foxconn to build what it codenamed “Project PEAR,” or Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.

The collaborative effort aims to produce 250,000 of the planned EVs annually, and Fisker wants to target both the US and China with this particular car. We don’t know what shape it will take, but Fisker said whatever Foxconn builds will be “a combination of advanced technology, desirable design, innovation and value for money.”

Foxconn made a mighty large investment into the US facility back in 2017, though its purpose has been cloudy at best. Plans have changed from building TV displays to servers. Liu said Wisconsin might be the best place to set up shop for EV production, however, noting its location close to the traditional US auto base.

It’s not a sure thing, though. Liu said his company is also looking at its plant in Mexico to build EVs, too, but he added neither location is a frontrunner just yet.

Foxconn didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

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