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Fall Guys set itself up for success by launching for free on PlayStation Plus, but the response has been even greater than developer Mediatonic could have expected. As one of the most played games on Steam and PS4, as well as one of the highest viewed games on Twitch, Fall Guys is a bona-fide viral hit. It’s only available on PC and PS4, but developer Mediatonic plans on bringing Fall Guys to other platforms, hopefully with cross-platform support.

Right now, Fall Guys is restricted to the platform it’s on, so Steam works with Steam and PS4 works with PS4, but the two don’t cross. Thankfully, Mediatonic has addressed crossplay, saying that it should come to Fall Guys in the future. Here’s everything we know about Fall Guys cross-platform support, cross-save, and split-screen multiplayer.

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Is Fall Guys cross-platform?

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Fall Guys doesn’t support cross-platform play right now. It should come in the future, though. Developer Mediatonic has been vocal about its desire to bring crossplay to Fall Guys as soon as possible. On the Fall Guys support page, Mediatonic writes that it’s “something we really want to do in the future,” and urges fans to reach out on Discord if they want the feature. Building upon that, lead designer Joe Walsh mentioned crossplay specifically as a feature the team was looking into on a recent episode of the MinnMax Show.

The only question is when. Mediatonic hoped Fall Guys would be a success launching on PlayStation Plus, mirroring the trajectory of Rocket League. And it worked, with Fall Guys gathering more than 1.5 million players in its first 24 hours. At the time of writing, it’s one of the most played games on Steam, too, beating out Team Fortress 2 and Rocket League, among others. Although server and bug fixes filled the patch notes for the first few weeks, it seems Mediatonic is finally getting around to adding more features to the game, as well as expanding it to other platforms.

Bilibili, a Chinese website for video-sharing, gained rights for publishing for a mobile spot of China’s Fall Guys. People involved in data mining also discovered the plug-in for Switch SDK within the Steam game version. If Mediatonic has learned anything from Apex Legends, we could have support launch across many platforms along with Switch and mobile game versions. Unfortunately, when our Digital Trends team reached out to Mediatonic, they informed us that they were headed in a different direction, focusing their energy on PS4 and PC adaptations. Psyonix introduced a version of Rocket League to Xbox One only seven months after its PC and PS4 releases. Hopefully, the Fall Guys team will follow suit.

Cross-save and cross-progression

Mediatonic has concentrated on incorporating cross-platform gameplay but has yet to address cross-saves. You can carry cosmetics across platforms, but there may not be any story progression carryover. Hopefully, cross-progression will accompany the eventual release of

crossplay. One thing Games such as Fortnite have taught us is that games compatible with multiple systems have unparalleled sales success with gamers across the board. With the continuing popularity of Fall Guys, it’s almost a given that the game will offer cross-progression eventually.

What about split-screen?

Fall Guys doesn’t support split-screen multiplayer as of now, but Mediatonic has addressed split-screen along with cross-platform functionality. According to Joe Walsh in a Reddit AMA, they’re working on split-screen but had to put it on hold to finish the game on time. Due to the increased demand for split-screen and multi-player gameplay, Walsh also assures people that it won’t be long before such features debut.

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