LG pledges three years of Android software updates despite quitting smartphone business

LG Wing

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After announcing plans to shut down its loss-making smartphone business over the weekend, LG Electronics is offering new details on the duration existing customers of premium phones can expect software updates.

The South Korean electronics giant pledged Thursday to provide two to three years of software updates for existing customers of premium LG smartphones. The LG Wing, Velvet, G-series or V-series phone from 2019 should get three years of Android operating system upgrades, LG says, while select 2020 models such as the LG Stylo and K series that are set to get two updates.

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The LG Prada Phone beat out the iPhone as the first capacitive touchscreen handset.

Nicole Lee/CNET

Despite a bold history of innovation, LG plans to wind out its smartphone business by the end of July after years of losses, as it struggles to compete for market share against entrenched juggernauts Apple and Samsung, and as Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Oppo aggressively expand internationally.

LG said it will continue to manufacture smartphones through the second quarter to fulfil contractual obligations to carriers and partners, meaning interested customers can still buy LG phones currently in inventory. 

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