LinkedIn adds features to help you showcase your individuality

Say hello with a prerecorded video message.


Resumes typically show prospective employers only a one-dimensional profile of you — your education and past job experience. But they don’t do much to show off the individual you are beyond the job you do.

Recognizing that individuality brings many benefits to the workplace, LinkedIn on Tuesday launched a handful of new features to help its users differentiate themselves from others. Foremost in that effort is allowing people to make a video introduction of themselves, a feature LinkedIn calls Video Cover Story.

In addition to giving hiring managers a glimpse of your personality and career goals, the feature also allows you to showcase your communications skills. A recent survey conducted for LinkedIn by researcher Censuswide found that the majority of hiring managers believed prerecorded messages could be useful in placing job candidates.

Another new feature allows you to list your preferred gender pronouns, which have taken on greater prominence as more people want to convey the gender they identify with. LinkedIn has added an optional field at the top of your profile where they can add gender pronouns. LinkedIn says this is an important representation of self for candidates and an opportunity for hiring managers to be respectful.

The company is also seeking to build up the social media aspect of its platform with a new feature called Creator Mode, where you can share your perspective on current events or insights on a specific industry. If you change the “connect” button on your profile to “follow,” this content will be more prominently displayed, allowing you to engage more with others on the site and build a following.

The new features are expected to roll out to LinkedIn users around the world in the coming week.

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