Never lose your keys or phone again with a half-price KeySmart Max


I know I’m not alone in loving KeySmart, a compact key carrier that keeps all your keys in one place, organized for easy access and stored so they can’t tear a hole in your pocket — with a built-in Tile tracker so you can’t misplace them. Personally, I carry the TNG edition of the Star Trek KeySmart, which is covered in Trek iconography and has a great-looking red finish. But even if you’re not into Star Trek, you might still be interested in the new KeySmart Max, which dials up all the features in the KeySmart Pro by about 50%. Unfortunately, it’s a little pricey. The KeySmart Max lists for $120 and regularly sells for about $80. But right now you can get the KeySmart Max for $60 when you apply promo code CNETKMX at checkout. That’s half off. 

The KeySmart is pretty straightforward. You install your keys on both ends of the carrier, adding spacers as needed to keep both ends roughly symmetric. The KeySmart can handle up to 14 keys. You might think that the result is something sort of like a Swiss Army knife, which is pretty appropriate because the Max comes with a multi-tool that works as a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver.

It’s also a Bluetooth tracker that pairs with your phone. Can’t find your keys? Use the Tile app to locate the KeySmart. Can’t find your phone? Double-press the Tile key on the KeySmart and your phone will beep, even if it’s on silent mode.

The KeySmart Max is a step up from the older KeySmart Pro in a handful of ways — it has more than double the range (150 feet rather than 60 feet), a 60-day battery life (the Pro needs to be charged every 30 days), and a louder location alarm when you’re using the Tile app to find your lost keys. It also has an integrate LED flashlight which is brighter than its predecessor. 

If you happen to love your KeySmart as much as I like mine, you can add accessories like a magnetic/quick disconnect to attach it to your car’s key fob.

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