Nothing adds Google Assistant and Siri support to its wireless earbuds

Nothing has added voice assistant support to its Ear 1 earbuds, allowing you to summon either Google Assistant or Siri with a triple-tap, the company announced on Twitter. The addition comes as something of a surprise given Nothing originally told Android Central it had no plans to add voice assistant support to the Ear 1.

According to 9to5Google, the functionality is rolling out with firmware version 0.6700.1.86, and also supports Amazon’s Alexa in addition to both mobile OS’s native voice assistants. Unfortunately, it sounds like the feature is currently a little buggy, with 9to5Google reporting the earbuds sometimes fail to register that all-important third tap.

Since their original release last year, the Nothing Ear 1’s have received a number of firmware updates, as well as a new black color scheme. In a review from December last year InputMag noted that these updates appeared to have fixed many of the issues the earbuds originally had, which included noise cancellation dropouts and connection bugs. Now, we can add voice assistant support to this list.

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