Old footage of Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein singing resurfaces and no one is ready

Brett Goldstein won an Emmy for best comedy supporting actor over the weekend.

Apple TV Plus

On Sunday, Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein took home his first ever Emmy for best supporting actor in a comedy series. Before he rose to fame for playing permanently disgruntled soccer (football) player Roy Kent in the smash-hit Apple TV Plus series, Goldstein performed comedy stand-up shows.

He also sang a 6-minute solo version of The Muppet’s Christmas Carol for charity Parkinson’s UK. Behold (via Nerdist)…

Goldstein’s abridged version of the 1992 film features costume changes, voice changes and much cheering from the crowd. Goldstein is a known fan of The Muppets, for anyone interested.

“So. For Parkinson’s UK, Amusical made my Muppets dream come true at their excellent gig,” the 2017 YouTube video’s description reads. “I wasn’t going to post this video, but then I thought, if you watch it and like it, please feel free to donate to Parkinson’s UK as they do excellent work.” 

Recently, it was also confirmed that Goldstein’s character in Ted Lasso is not CGI. Some believed Roy Kent looked so sharp, so glowing, that he must have stepped out from a FIFA PS4 game. No further comment on that.

Ted Lasso fans rose up in delight this week when Goldstein, as well as Ted Lasso’s Hannah Waddingham and Jason Sudeikis, won acting Emmys. Ted Lasso took home four on the night.

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