Review: The Nubia RedMagic 6 has a ridiculous screen – Video

Newest latest gaming phone is the red magic six and its premiere feature in 165 hertz screen, a giant battery top of the line Android Performance in heaping amount of customizable game settings.
A $599 price tag only add to its appeal.
But beyond gamers, the appeal of the RedMagic 6 is limited.
It comes out on the heels of two other gaming phones.
The new Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2, And the assumed ROG phone find that neither of those phones have a US price, but when you convert the European price, the dual to is $1185 and the ROG is $950.
And just want to emphasize, those aren’t the actual US prices but Then in mind, you can immediately see the value of the redmagic six.
Let’s get to the screen that 165 hertz is smooth.
Compare that to the fact that most phones including the iPhone, have a 60 hertz display.
There are actually a lot of games that can play at 165 hertz which is cool, but.
I hope more mainstream titles will support it.
That said, it’s hard for me to describe the differences between 120 hertz like on the Galaxy S21 Ultra or 144 hertz, like on the RAG iPhone 5 and 165 hertz.
The differences are not earth shattering.
The screen also has a 500 hertz single touch rate, and a 360 hertz multi touch rate.
What does that mean?
Game Play was responsive, and I felt like I was more accurate with my on screen presses for controls.
The screen also supports 10-bit colors.
Then there’s this red button on the side, which you might think is a silent mode switch.
But when I slide it over, the phone comes alive.
If it goes into the game space, essentially Think of it like a library, a control room, and arena for playing games.
You can choose titles control, the lighting on the back, and the internal fan while muting notifications and other non gaming distractions during gameplay.
I like being able to access game spaces controls with just a simple finger slide.
For example, if a game wasn’t actually hitting 165 hertz, I could easily switch it to a lower frame rate without exiting the game.
I can also adjust brightness map gaming controls, create macros for repetitive inputs, record gameplay, and there’s even a 4G vibration mode.
On the side of the phone or to touch sensitive areas that you can use as shoulder buttons.
That the shape of the corners of the phone make it so easy to find them and I never felt like I was missing button taps.
Now part of that comes from the 400 hertz refresh rate of those side inputs.
The redmagic six has a built in fan now it did take me a while to get used to having a phone Sound like my laptop when I have multiple tabs open in Chrome.
Luckily, you can adjust the speed of the fan.
And if one fan isn’t enough, you can add more.
With this accessory, the dual core ice doc, ow that’s a hell of a name.
It adds more airflow and well even more noise.
Noise aside, the red magic six never got hotter even during long bouts of gaming.
Powering the phone is a 5050 milliamp hour battery that supports 66 watt fast charging though it does only come with a 30 watt charger.
This made it through a day No problem.
The red magic six has a Snapdragon 888 processor.
This one has 12 gigabytes of RAM though there is a red magic six pro model Has 16 gigabytes of RAM.
There’s a headphone jack support for 5G, Wi Fi 6 e NFC and it runs on Android 11.
My review unit says 10 cent games on the back but the actual us model will not.
If all you did was game them for $599 this phone is worth it but Outside of gaming there are some downsides.
The redmagic six has three rear cameras a main 64 megapixel one eight megapixel ultra wide and a two megapixel bokeh camera for depth.
The main camera takes decent photos and can even record HDR 10 videos.
But accessing the ultra wide camera is tricky.
For example, If I open the camera app, and I’m in photo mode, where’s the ultra wide camera button?
Well, you have to go into Pro mode and it’s there.
So, yeah, that’s weird.
Hopefully it can be fixed with a software update.
And as impressive as the screen is, it’s also pretty dense in a bright room or outdoors.
It can be hard to see it well.
The phone is heavy, which makes one handed gameplay nearly impossible.
Then there’s that dual core eyestalk.
To set it up, you plug it in with a USB C cable, and the instructions say that I can open up bluetooth and pair it.
Try as I have.
It only works for me with a cable and who wants to play a game like this.
The red magic six doesn’t have an IP rating for dust or water resistance.
It lacks wireless charging.
And I’m not the biggest fan of the red magic OS.
But I am not the target audience for the red magic six mobile gamers are in apparently 2021 is an excellent year for you guys because There are so many games constitute from and the red magic six represents an incredible value as a whole.
But now I want to hear from you guys.
What do you think of the red magic six?
Are you a mobile gamer?
Are you considering getting the phone and if so, what if features really appeal to you?
Throw your thoughts in the comments.

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