Samsung Galaxy S21 phones have lost half their value since January, study says

The iPhone 12 lineup has retained more value than the Galaxy S21 phones.

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Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, launched at the end of January, have already lost around half of their value, according to a study published Wednesday by Sell Cell, a site that lets you sell your used phone. Losing the most value is the 256GB Galaxy S21 5G, which used is worth 57% less than it retails for when new, and 51% less for the 128GB model. This means that while the S21 5G goes for $999 new, the most you’ll get reselling it is $429. 

The Galaxy S21+ 5G is worth around 50% less for 256GB and 45% less for 128GB. The Galaxy S21 Ultra lost the least value, but is still worth 47% less for the 128GB model and 53% less for the 256GB model.

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“Despite only launching in January 2021, all handsets have lost almost 50% of their value,” Sell Cell said in its report. “That is a substantial loss, considering they have only been on the market for three months.”

By comparison, the iPhone 12 range has fared better in retaining its value despite launching only a few months earlier than the Samsung phones. According to the study, the iPhone 12 Mini 256GB lost the most value, at 33%. Losing the least value was the iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB, which has depreciated by only 18%.

Neither Samsung nor Apple immediately responded to a request for comment.

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