Samsung probably won’t skip the Galaxy S24 Plus next year, despite rumors

What you need to know

  • A recent rumor suggests Samsung could drop the Plus model from the S24 series in 2024 due to consumers’ lack of interest in the phone.
  • However, the rumor may not hold much truth, as one leaker points out some misunderstandings with the report.
  • The S22 Plus reportedly only accounted for 17% of the 31.5 million Galaxy S22 series units shipped.

A rumor suggested that Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy phone lineup could be one phone short come 2024.

The latest rumor comes from a post by the Korean website The Elec, which speculates Samsung could be flirting with dropping the Galaxy S24 Plus model next year. This would leave consumers with an S24 and S24 Ultra as, supposedly, Samsung’s development project seems to have omitted one model. Apparently, it’s been found that the development project (DM) only surfaced two names: DM1 and DM3, which seemingly refers to the S24 and S24 Ultra.

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