Save $40 on a Pair of Amazon’s Flagship Noise-Canceling Echo Earbuds

At their usual price of $120, Amazon’s second-gen Echo Buds didn’t quite make our list of the best wireless earbuds for this year — but they make a much more compelling case when you can find them at a discount. Right now, Amazon has these true wireless earbuds on sale for $40 off, dropping the price down to as low as $80 for a standard pair, or $100 if you want the wireless charging case. There’s no clear-cut expiration on this offer, but if you’re serious about grabbing a pair at this price, we’d recommend acting soon, since discounts like this can disappear at any time.

The second-gen Echo Buds offered some serious improvements over their predecessor, including major upgrades to their noise-canceling capabilities and a more snug-fitting design. They’re compatible with Alexa for hands-free voice commands, as you’d expect from an Amazon device, but they also work with Google Assistant and Siri. On a single charge, they boast up to 15 hours of listening time, and have an IPX4 water-resistance rating, meaning they’re protected against sweat and water splashing (though you might want to think twice about using them in the rain). 

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