Shargeek’s see-through 130W Storm 2 Slim is my new favorite power bank

Shargeek is a Chinese accessory manufacturer that’s doing all the right things on the charging front. I used the 25600mAh Storm 2 power bank for the better part of three months now and like it quite a bit: its unique see-through design with yellow accents makes it stand out from every other power bank, it has all the charging ports I need, and it goes up to 100W over USB PD.

The best part about the Storm 2 is the built-in screen that shows real-time charging statistics. It is plain cool to be able to see how fast a phone or notebook is charging in real-time, and the feature is a bigger differentiator in my book than the see-through design. Now, as much as I like the Storm 2, it is a little on the bulkier side (coming in at 579g), and I don’t need all the ports on offer.

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

That is where the Storm 2 Slim comes in. Shargeek took the same fundamentals as the Storm 2 but condensed the design into a more travel-friendly size, and got rid of a few features, like the DC port. The result is that the Storm 2 Slim has a 20000mAh battery, one USB-C port alongside one USB-A port, and a thinner design that makes it easier to use on the road.

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