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Food subscriptions make excellent last-minute gifts, especially for all those hard-to-shop-for types. They’re also an easy way to discover the best goods from independent producers since most food and drink clubs source their monthly sends from smaller, lesser-known companies.

If you’re thinking you’d like to lay a little monthly food subscription yum on someone this holiday, finding the best monthly food club or subscription to gift your friends, family or colleagues takes a bit of digging (and tasting) and we’ve done a lot of it. From coffee and tea clubs to snack box subscriptions, meat and seafood delivery and loads of great booze options you can find a tailored nosh for anyone on your list. 

Read on for the best (yep, I bravely tested them) food and drink subscriptions to gift someone this holiday.

Important note on delivery: Not all food clubs and subscriptions on this list can guarantee the first delivery by Dec. 25 so confirm before placing an order if that’s important. As a backup, you can write a card detailing what’s to come or gift something small as a hint. To foreshadow a tea or coffee monthly club, a good mug should do the trick. Consider a nice bar tool or bottle of booze if you’ve opted for a Shaker Spoon subscription. 

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If you’re too busy to plan a cross-country road trip to nosh on all the best eats this land. has to offer, Goldbelly has a backup plan and you’ll spend way less on gas. This is the Best of Goldbelly subscription and it includes three months of curated monthly boxes with some truly legendary food from places like New York’s Magnolia Bakery or the famed Russ & Daughters deli. 

Each delivery is different and they can’t be modified, but that’s really the fun of it and Goldbelly does a great job of making sure everything is packaged safely and securely. Three months of the Best of Goldbelly is $249.

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Spice is the backbone of any great food I’ve ever had. As a person who cooks often but doesn’t have great access to fresh spices, I can say I would personally love getting these. 

Raw Spice Bar sends 2 ounces of a spice or a spice blend such as Indian garam masala or Japanese furikake. Plus, you get chef-tested recipes to make with each one, all for under $10 a month. The best part is the spices come freshly ground — unlike everything you get at the supermarket. And believe me, they will be able to tell the difference. 

Shaker Spoon

Shaker Spoon sends all the ingredients (minus the booze) packaged for you to make interesting cocktails. What’s included would be really tricky to find anywhere locally so you’re having drink-making fun with some truly unique ingredients. We’re talking artisan cherry-vanilla bitters, pineapple shrub and a spritz bottle of white sage hydrosol. 

There are recipes for each themed box including Fall for Mezcal or All Eyes on Rye but you can freestyle with the ingredients too. Each box is about $50 (cheaper if you gift more than one month or subscribe). Either way, it’ll lend plenty of cocktail inspiration to the budding bartender on your list.

Atlas Coffee Club

A coffee subscription is about as foolproof a gift as it gets. As long as the person being gifted, ya know, drinks coffee and all.

I’ve tried and really liked many of the top coffee subscription services including Trade, Equator and many others. One stands out as particularly giftable and that’s Atlas Coffee Club. For one, the coffee comes from all over with lots of interesting roasts from Africa and Central America. Each bag arrives as if it’s been sent by a friend (in this case it has!) with a glossy postcard and some information on both the beans and the region they hail from. It’s a very charming way to start your morning. 

A three-month gift subscription starts at $60 and free shipping.

Tea Runners

You have some options when it comes to tea subscriptions to give as a gift. I tried five earlier this month and one stood out as a particularly good one to gift. Tea Runners does an especially nice job with its curated selections or ones based on your taste preferences. And the monthly mailers are put together especially well, wrapped in tissue paper all inside charming boxes. Gift subscriptions for Tea Runners start at $21. 

Murray’s Cheese

Varieties of cheese are endless, which makes the cult food a perfect subscription candidate. Iconic New York cheese shop Murray’s has a few subscription options to choose from if you want to hook someone up with ridiculously good cheddars, bries and manchegos each month. 

While we’re not talking about budget cheese here, you can prepay for three months of cheese deliveries for $175 total. Each shipment will include three to four expertly selected cheeses from the masters at Murray’s. I’ve personally tested the melty wares from Murray’s subscription and can confirm this is a grade A food club to join.

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The Bokksu collects some of the best snacks from Japan and compiles them in a one-time or recurring monthly curated tasting box. I’ve both given and received a Bokksu and it is always a hit.

Inside the unmistakable orange boxes, you’ll find eats like seaweed tempura, green tea and lemon cakes along with Japanese candy such as yuzu gummies and matcha-strawberry Kit-Kats. What’s more, Bokksu includes some info-packed literature explaining a bit about each, including historical and cultural significance. Bokksu boxes start at $40 per month for subscriptions and $50 for a one-time send.

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This wine subscription from Vinebox (starting at $158) is the best way to add variety to someone’s varietals without committing to full bottles. The selections are cleverly portioned as glass-size samples of the world’s greatest producers and styles. 

Wine may seem like the fallback gift with a, perhaps rightful, reputation as impersonal. Winc, like a few of the other wine clubs, is hoping to change that by delving deep inside your palate and making ordering wine by mail an engaging experience. If there’s someone on your list you suspect would love to learn more about wine or their own preferences — strange as that may sound — a Winc subscription is a great place to start. The company starts you off with a profile and palate analysis, and then sends wines it thinks you’ll like. Each time you rate them so the shipments from various producers start to jibe better with your taste. 

Winc monthly memberships start at an affordable $39 (plus $9 shipping) for three bottles per month. You can buy a gift card for as few or as many months as you’d like to bequeath, or just send a one-time shipment of wine. Who doesn’t love that?

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This is one for someone you really like. Or for someone who really likes tasting new whiskeys — and hopefully both. Flaviar gift memberships start at $190 for six months and $300 for a full year.  A full year nets out to four tasting boxes plus four full bottles of premium booze and access to some hard-to-find spirits. 

You can also nab Flaviar’s $250 limited-edition Whiskies of the Galaxy Advent calendar with 24 1.7-ounce pours of whiskies and whiskeys from all over the world. It’s not cheap but it is a whole lot of fun for a brown spirits fan. 

Fuego Box

Hot sauce people are very serious about the stuff and Fuego Box makes a perfect gift for anyone who is a bit of a hothead. Fuego Box’s hot sauce subscriptions start at $18 a month — although $30 a month for three bottles is a much better deal. 

There are also plenty of one-off gift boxes like this one with hot honey, peach habanero hot sauce and spicy garlic seasoning. Plus, Fuego Box is a small business that supports other small businesses, so you can feel good about that.

Bar & Cocoa

Chocolate is about as safe as it gets, making this a great gift for someone you’re not sure what to buy — or a known chocolate lover, of course. Bar & Cocoa chocolate club will send some of the best bars in the biz (four full bars per month, to be exact) and we’re not talking mass-produced Hershey here either. Some of the premier chocolate producers include Amano, Chocolate Madagascar and A. Morin. All are ethical, sustainable and eco-conservative. Like I said — the good stuff.

A three-month subscription starts at $129 total but you can spring for a six or 12-month run and any of them can be canceled at any time. 

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The best thing about Mouth is the seemingly endless options for gift boxes, baskets subscriptions and more. I’d venture to guess that even if you’re not sure what food gift you’re looking for, you’re still bound to find it in the sprawling online marketplace of quality eats. Mouth has monthly subscriptions for everything from pickles to cocktails, jerky and general snacks. You can also peruse the gifts, where there are even more options like a Backyard Bonfire Bites box or a Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit.


For a meat-eating foodie, a box of high-end meats is never a bad call and your gifting options abound in 2021. We’ve tried ButcherBox several times and it stands out as the best service for gifting a meat box or subscription for the grilling gal in your life. 

Other online butchers specialize in niche beef such as KC Cattle Co‘s stock of 100% American wagyu. Another newcomer, Porter Road, has some interesting cuts and holiday bundles, while old standby Rastelli’s will let you curate a box of meat and seafood to send. See our favorite online butchers to find a little something meaty to gift to your favorite carnivore.

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