Someone unboxed the Pixel 6 early and didn’t bother to turn it on

Google’s upcoming phones have made early appearances in leaks over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, so it’s really no surprise that someone seems to have obtained a retail-boxed Pixel 6 unit ahead of the fall launch event tomorrow.

In a video posted initially to TikTok, then deleted but still available on Twitter, @CristianDimboiu takes a literal approach to unboxing by removing the “Sorta Seafoam” green device from its carrier without going any further. You won’t see the screen turn on or see the screen at all.

Fortunately, Google apparently ships its new phone upside down so that you can see the camera bar at the back with multiple lenses. It also appears that this phone ships with a cable and USB-C adapter but no charger, so hopefully, new owners will have one handy. Google’s own preview revealed that the Pixel 6 Pro adds a telephoto lens to the mix, but more about the hardware performance, display characteristics, and software tweaks will have to wait.

What we know so far about the Pixel 6 family, thanks to retailer leaks over the weekend, is that pricing may have dropped compared to the Pixel 5. If information from Target is correct, then the 128GB Pixel 6 will go on sale for $599, while the 128GB Pixel 6 Pro costs $898.

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