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Sony announced a new State of Play presentation for Thursday, July 8. The headlining game this month is thenew Bethesda title, Deathloop, which will get nine minutes of new gameplay footage. The short showcase will also show off a few updates for indie and third-party games. Here’s how to watch the stream and what to realistically expect from it.

When is the State of Play?

PlayStation’s July State of Play starts at 2 p.m. PT on Thursday, June 8. It’s also confirmed to have a runtime of 30 minutes, with nine minutes being completely devoted to Deathloop.

Where to watch the State of Play?

Like every PlayStation stream, the State of Play will be available to watch on both PlayStation’s official Twitch and YouTube channels. Viewers can either watch it live or catch the full video after it airs.

What will be shown at the State of Play?

The star of this month’s State of Play is Bethesda’s upcoming Deathloop. The nine-minute gameplay showcase will feature some of the game’s abilities, possible combat tactics, and options available on the island the game takes place on, Blackreef.

There will also be updates of indie and third-party game, though Sony didn’t specify what games we may see beyond Deathloop.

What won’t be shown at the State of Play?

While many Sony fans have a lot to look forward to, it’s ill-advised to go into the show expecting any surprises. In an official blog post, Sony confirmed that the show won’t feature the kind of first-party heavy hitters fans usually hope to see at Sony’s shows.

It named God of WarHorizon Forbidden West, and the next generation of PlayStation VR as three specific things that won’t make appearances. These will show up throughout the summer via more updates according to the PlayStation blog.

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