Subaru says it has something ‘wild’ on the way

There’s a Subaru on that dirt road, we just can’t see what it entails.


Subaru on Tuesday said it has something “wild” in the pipeline and invited everyone to stay tuned for more details as it prepares for a debut later this month. While we can’t say definitively what this wild Subaru is, it’s highly likely we’ll finally see the brand do something with the word as a trim designation.

We’ve heard plenty of whispers surrounding the use of the Wild name on Subarus forthcoming, and they should serve as something more rugged than your standard model. How rugged? That’s not clear yet, but perhaps the brand plans to elevate something like the Outback Onyx Edition XT and create an entire subbrand around it for its SUVs. All we can see from the teaser photo provided is what looks like a Forester or Outback way off in the distance.

With the photos, Subaru said this announcement will be “the next evolution of Subaru capability” and it includes “functional technology and rugged features.” So, don’t expect this potentially new trim on the BRZ. Got it, Subaru.

Subaru plans to deliver all the details on March 30, but we’ll be back with any news before then, so stick around.

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