Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown coming to challenge Forza Horizon

Buckle up because the Test Drive Unlimited series is set for a return. Ten years after the last TDU game showed up, Test Drive Unlimited 2, we received a new trailer for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown — and it’s heading to Hong Kong. The new video game made its debut during the Nacon Connect conference Tuesday. Nacon takes over publishing duties from Atari for this new TDU game, and KT Racing is driving development these days, rather than now-defunct Eden Games.

Although we didn’t see any gameplay footage from TDU Solar Crown, we learned a lot about the game. The player will race within a completely recreated Hong Kong Island. They’ll choose to roll with either “Sharps” or “Streets,” which are two in-game clans with distinct vehicle choices. It’s not clear yet what kinds of cars we’re talking about, but we do see an Aston Martin DB11 and a Range Rover in the opening scene. Once you pick your clan, you’ll get the chance to race around Hong Kong Island and carry out other missions like transport or escort gigs. All the while, you’ll try to raise your ranks within a clan to climb the floors in the Solar Crown Hotel — a fictional building in the recreated Hong Kong Island. There will surely be a whole lot of luxury on tap, as TDU games are best known for. Indeed, we get a few shots of clubs, partying, penthouse views and more in the trailer.

Like I said, we’ll need to wait for some gameplay to see how TDU Solar Crown shapes up, but it’s good to see the series rebooted at any rate. Forza Horizon could use some competition these days. Unfortunately, we have some time to wait as the new game isn’t coming until September 2022. It’ll be a minute before we get to race around the streets of Hong Kong, but hopefully it’s worth the wait. Check out the full trailer above.

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