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Yes, your computer is important — but so is its home. When was the last time you considered getting a new computer or gaming desk? Whether you are a serious gamer looking for an upgrade or just moved into a new space, it’s probably time you opt for a desk that’s worthy of your awesome setup.

To help narrow down your options, we have a list of the best computer desks money can buy. Our top pick is the Artifox Standing Desk. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but provides plenty of room for accessories, gadgets, and mobile devices.

But if you need a desk that’s a better fit for your gaming needs or you’d just rather have a desk where you can work and sit, be sure to check out the other picks on this list.

The best computing desk overall: Artifox Standing Desk

Artifox is known for its sweeping, minimalist designs that manage to combine old-school functionality with modern features. Its line of standing desks is certainly no exception. At first glance, this looks like a beautiful drafting table with a section designed for desktop doodles, but there are also plenty of computer-oriented features, too.

It has pegs to hang your accessories (like headphones) from. The desk also features: a metal grid for cables and a dock for mobile devices. The Artifox Standing Desk 02 is like something that a very tech-savvy Amish craftsman might make, and a great pick if you like to keep things simple — and standing.

The best adjustable computer desk: Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk with plant and books and decorative pears sitting on its surface.

Fully makes beautiful home office desks, especially if you’re looking for a solid sit/stand desk. This particular piece is one of Fully’s cheaper offerings, despite it still featuring the company’s impressive Jarvis sit/stand motor. Unlike a lot of desks with that kind of functionality, this desk isn’t bulky or clunky. You can choose from three different sizes, as well as the contoured or squared-off shapes.

The bamboo is beautiful, too — a perfect match for your iMac or minimalist desk setup.

Best cheap computer desk: Convenience Concepts Designs2Go No Tools Student Desk

If you are looking for the most affordable desk you can find because you just spent every penny on an office chair, supplies, games, and so on, then this Convenience Concepts model is probably just what you need.

The Designs2Go No Tools Student Desk is very affordable, and because it comes lined with pre-made holes, it can be put together without any extra tools or strenuous labor. The desk also includes enough space for your accessories and books without being too cumbersome, though the surface is probably better suited for a laptop since it measures only 15 inches deep. The lack of space helps keep weight to a minimum, however, which makes it easy to move around should you need to transport it.

The best gaming computer desk: The Atlantic Store Gaming Desk

The Atlantic Store Gaming Desk outfitted with gamer essentials like a monitor, laptop, and games.

If you want a desk built for gaming that’s also small, this is the option for you. The Atlantic gaming desk won’t win any prizes for being particularly classy or roomy, but it is great at fitting into tight spaces and comes with a ton of extra features.

There are side holders for big cups, racks for your controllers, and even platforms for your laptop and keyboard. Speaker stands, games storage, and headphone hooks are also included. Let’s just say that if you love computer gaming, you need the Atlantic Gaming Desk in your life.

The best kids computer desk: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk on a blank background.

This svelte gaming desk is available in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to pick a scheme that will match your gaming rig. The shape is conducive to focused gaming and helps keep peripherals a little closer at hand (plus it matches curved monitors quite nicely).

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk‘s surface is designed with a waterproof material that serves as a mouse pad, so feel free to use your mouse anywhere on it. While the legs are simple, they are also height-adjustable, and three hidden cable management cutouts are included to help with organization. All of these features make it a solid entry-level gaming option or as a fun looking computer desk for your child. It’s a minimalistic but effective computing desk that may be just what you’re looking for — just don’t go over 176 pounds.

The best corner computer desk: Furinno Go Green Home Computer Desk

Furinno Go Green Home Computer Desk with a laptop, picture frame, and books sitting on it.

Here’s a great desk for when you don’t really want a computer desk at all, but still need an occasional computer work area. This Furinno desk can easily serve as a table in the entryway, bedroom, dining room, or anywhere else.

The Furinno Go Green Home Computer Desk just happens to have the right space and proportions for plunking down your laptop or setting up your PC for a work session. It includes the use of recycled materials in its composition, so it can also meet a preference for environmentally-friendly furniture if necessary.

The best traditional desk: Sauder Select Collection Computer Desk

Close up of opened cabinet of Sauder Select Collection Computer Desk.

While the popularity behind standing desks makes total sense (the products do have their benefits), consumers shouldn’t discount the value of working at a traditional computer desk.

Consider the Sauder computer desk if you’re looking for a classic desk at budget-friendly prices. The desk features a brushed maple finish and ample storage space for your office space. Manufacturers built this furniture to stand the test of time and store your essential items, all without taking up too much space in your room. 

This particular piece is durable and also multi-functional. You’ll find sliding drawers for sleek-looking storage and a desktop grommet hole to help hide your computer cords. 

The Sauder computer desk also features a slide-out keyboard and mouse tray function. If you prefer to keep a tidy desk space or like the “minimal” look, you can simply slide the drawer out of sight to create a cleaner-looking desk area. On top of that, you can also easily slide a desktop in the side door or hold any additional items within its storage.

Buying a computer desk

Where should I place my computer desk?

The easy answer is: Wherever it will fit in your home. But for computer desks, you will for sure want a location with an easy to access electrical outlet and a location that’s not too far away from your home WiFi setup. You may also want to consider how often you’ll be using this desk and what you’ll be using it for. A fully-involved desktop gaming battle-station will more likely to need more space and possibly its own room. If you just need a quick work from home setup, you may be able to fit a small computer desk into your bedroom or a section of your living room if either of those rooms have the space to spare.

How tall is a computer desk?

It varies. It really depends on the type of desk and its overall design. Plus, certain sit/stand desks are adjustable, which can add to variations in desk heights.

Based solely on the desks mentioned in this article however, you can expect to see computer desks ranging in heights from 27 inches to 50 inches.

Where can I buy a computer desk?

You can buy them from big-box and online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Office Depot, or Best Buy. You can also buy them direct from a manufacturer, like some of the vendors on our list: Artifox, Fully, and Sauder.

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