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There’s nothing better than kicking back after a long day for a couple hours of gaming. Whether you’re a more competitive player, or just casually enjoying the hobby, gaming sessions can easily last several hours without us even realizing it. That’s the hope anyway, because often it is aches, pains, and strains caused by uncomfortable and unsupportive seats that pull us out of the experience. If ignored, these minor annoyances can eventually lead to more permanent problems.

A high-quality, ergonomic gaming chair is one of the best investments you can make for your health as an avid gamer. These chairs all go above and beyond just being a comfortable seat, although you’ll probably find them to be way more comfortable than whatever you’re sitting on now anyway, but are designed to support your body’s natural posture, improve blood flow, and prevent those aches and pains. Plus, being aimed at gamers, most have a few extra bells and whistles you’ll love.

There are a lot of chairs out there aimed at gamers, but not all are actually designed for gamers. Before you spend on whatever chair your favorite streamer uses, take a look at our list of the best ergonomic gaming chairs.

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Dowinx Gaming Chair

Unlike a lot of “gamer” merchandise, the Dowinx Gaming Chair isn’t trying to assault your eyes with obnoxious colors or designs. It keeps the colors simple, but cuts no corners in terms of build quality. It has a nice, thick layer of high-density foam padding that makes it comfortable for long duration of use, and has a retractable footrest for better leg circulation. The arm rests are nice and solid, unlike adjustable ones that can get loose and wobbly over time.

The back rest can be reclined to as far as 170 degrees and will rock another 15 degrees. The five-pronged base and metal frame make tipping over just about impossible. The back, of course, has great lumbar and neck support pads that will keep your back nice and supported during those marathon gaming sessions. It is also made of PU leather that can handle a lot of wear and tear. This is one chair aimed at gamers that beats out most traditional desk chairs and won’t break your bank.

Nokaxus (YK-6008)

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Nokaxus has a pretty impressive line of gaming chairs, which we will see more of later on, but we had to lead off with the YK-6008 series model. On the surface it looks similar to the Dowinx, but does have a few unique features. It is made with a high rebound sponge that will cradle your body and intelligently distribute your weight, plus has those all important lower back and neck supports. But, and here’s where the YK-6008 mixes things up from the Dowinx, that waist pillow also comes with a special massage function. Some might find that distracting and not want to use it, but it is a cool option to have.

For customization, this one allows you to modify it in just about any way you could want. The arms can be raised and lowered, the height adjusted, the backrest tilted, and has an extendable footrest. It is a good deal cheaper than the Dowinx as well, but one area you might see those costs come out of is in the overall durability of the material. It just isn’t quite as sturdy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t give you great support for years if you’re not too rough with it.

AKRacing Masters Series Max

Akracing masters series

People come in all shapes and sizes, so while one chair might be a perfect fit for people who are over “average”-sized people, they may not be all that great for people on the larger and taller side. The AKRacing Master Series Max is designed for all you gamers out there who are standing at and above 6 feet and weigh up to 400 pounds. The massive bottom cushion measures 23 inches deep and 20 inches wide, giving your waist plenty of room without feeling constrained or pinched in. It uses a cold-cured foam that is on the firmer side to hold up better over time.

The arms also are a joy. Not only are the rubber pads nice and soft, but they can be fully adjusted in any direction. Up, down, in, out, back, and forward, you can set them exactly where you find them most comfortable. You have normal pivoting and tilt functions as well as the ability to lock in your favorite angle, with the back reclining as far as 170 degrees. The only downside here is that, like most items catering to a smaller market, you’re going to have to pay a bit of a premium for it. That being said, the people this chair is aimed at are the ones who will need that custom fit the most to prevent injury.

Gtracing Gaming Chair GT890M

GTRACING Gaming Chair

There’s no reason a chair can’t be good for you and good for your game at the same time, right? Offering all the comfort and support you want from a high-quality gaming chair, plus two internal Bluetooth speakers providing surround sound to take your gaming experience to the next level. You can connect it directly to your console, phone, or PC for an awesome audio experience. As you can see from the image, you have a pair of nice thick pads for your back and neck, both of which you can adjust to your liking or remove completely. The foam is high density, so it’s firm but will mold to your form, and the foam is wrapped in durable Pu leather.

The GT800M has all the adjustable parts you would want. You can obviously set the height, recline between 90 and 170 degrees, and set your armrest height. The armrests are probably the weakest part of this chair but only because they’re no different than a typical office chair. It has the support where it counts thanks to the metal frame inside the chair’s back to give you strong support and promote better posture while sitting. The assembly on this one is a bit more complex than a typical chair, so set aside a little extra time if you go with the Gtracing GT890M

Gtracing Gaming Chair

Gtracing Gaming Chair

If you don’t need those extra Bluetooth speakers built in and just want a high-quality and very well-reviewed chair, the standard Gtracing GT000 is an easy entry point. Cutting out the extras, it comes in at a much more affordable price if you’re on a budget. There’s not all that much different between the two otherwise, so we won’t dwell on it for too long, but all the features you get with the other model are here, too. You get the adjustable pads, same recline angles, arm rests, Pu leather, and delightfully soft cushions. For the price, it is among the best options out there for an ergonomic chair, gamer-focused or not.



We mentioned most gamer chairs screaming “gamer” at the top of their lungs through their designs, but the NOUHAUS Ergo 3D is by far the most subtle. It could, and does, easily pass as a regular office chair, but that simplicity is hiding one of the most ergonomic chairs on the market. I mean, it has ergo in the name after all. The design is such that it doesn’t require big pads or cushions to supplement extra support, but still be comfortable. All that lumbar, spine, and neck support is built right in and fully adjustable to fit your body. Without those thick and heavy pads, the mesh material it uses is nice and light and breathable so you won’t get hot or sticky sitting for long periods of time.

This is a somewhat lighter end chair, with a maximum weight of 275 pounds, which might be a consideration for some. It also can’t tilt to near flat levels, maxing out at 135 degrees, but that should be more than enough for most gaming setups. The Ergo 3D may not look like it justifies its price, but where this chair lacks in visual flair it makes up for in the amazing ergonomic design. This is one that you need to feel to fully appreciate.

Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

Respawn 900 Racing Style

Unlike previous chairs, which basically double as desk or office chairs, the Respawn 900 Racing chair is designed first and foremost for living room and console gaming. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t use it as a desk chair, but the flat base would make it a little awkward. This chair is made to look and feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of a high-end car. The differences are in the features. That flat bottom, for example, is a fully padded extendable leg rest. If you fully recline while the leg rest is out, you could basically use this chair as a bed if you wanted. You also get a handy little storage pouch under the arm to hold your controllers and such for easy access, and a cup holder.

Because you’re kind of locked in place with this chair, you do still get fully 360-degree swivel, and is light enough to adjust without much trouble. This is a great option for more than just gamers, but anyone who wants a high-quality seat for their media or living room. It was way cheaper than most recliners, and better for your back at the same time.

X Rocker Pro Series Vibrating Leather Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro Series

If the Respawn 900 had you interested but didn’t quite have enough extra bells and whistles for you, then take a look at the X Rocker Pro Series. This is one of the top-of-the-line chairs, technology wise, gaming chairs on the market. Before getting to the fun stuff, you can rest assured that this baby is packing support in all the right places. The design is fully ergonomic from your lumbar to neck, is made of lightweight material, and has solid vinyl padding that makes it easy to keep clean.

This is where things get crazy. The chair has four built-in speakers, audio force modulation, and a 4-inch subwoofer to make every gunshot, sword slash, or music cue really pop. If that wasn’t enough to immerse you, the chair can also sync up some internal motors to your game and vibrate during heavy bass moments to really make you feel it. You have full control of all these audio settings to perfectly fit your preferences. It even folds up to store away nicely.

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style


Last up is another chair for those on a budget. This chair can cater to just about anyone, able to hold up to 300 pounds and with the normal height and arm rest adjustments you’d want. The lumbar and neck pillows also are adjustable, or outright removable, and has an optional footrest version if you enjoy kicking your feet out. You can recline up to 150 degrees here, but not much else.

This chair is about as basic as they come. The faux leather is nice enough, and should hold up well, and the high-density padding is good but not the most comfortable option. In terms of ergonomics, though, the back will get the job done way better than a standard chair. If this is your only option, you could do much worse for yourself than the Hbada.

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