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GeForce Now is one of the most unique game streaming services on the market. Rather than players getting a catalog of titles for their monthly fee, subscribers instead access their own library of games from third-party storefronts such as Steam and the Epic Games Store. Games can be played remotely on Android devices, MacBooks, or even underpowered laptops. This is certainly a brilliant approach to the game streaming concept, but there’s one big catch — just because you own a game doesn’t mean it’s compatible with GeForce Now.

That’s right, not every title in your massive Steam library will run on GeForce Now. The service is still undergoing some big changes, and publishers are adding and removing titles on a regular basis. Some of the compatible games are a bit esoteric, but there’s still a wide variety of great titles that take advantage of Nvidia’s popular new service. Here are the 12 best games you can currently stream with GeForce Now.

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Destiny 2

Expertly merging common MMO tropes with fast-paced FPS action, Destiny 2 remains one of the most popular shooters on the market. Running it with maxed-out graphics, however, requires a beefy gaming rig. With GeForce Now, players don’t have to worry — so long as they have a solid internet connection, they can run the game with the graphics turned all the way up.


Epic Games is a huge supporter of GeForce Now, so it should come as no surprise that its pop-culture phenomenon, Fortnite, is compatible with the service. Players who own older computers that can’t run the building-based, battle royale chaos can rest easy knowing that Fortnite will remain in the catalog for the duration of its existence.


Dauntless review

Monster Hunter: World isn’t currently available on GeForce Now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some monster-slaying fun! Dauntless — a game heavily inspired by the Monster Hunter series — offers up a streamlined version of the “hunt, craft, and repeat” gameplay loop that has hooked millions of players. It also includes crossplay, allowing you to team up with friends on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Path of Exile

Arguably a better Diablo game than Diablo 3, Path of Exile takes the best features from hit ARPGs and adds its own modern flair. Path of Exile has been regularly updated over its long shelf life and will soon be receiving a massive new expansion. The new campaign is so extensive that the developers are calling it Path of Exile 2. It’s expected to release sometime this year, and when it does it’ll be compatible with GeForce Now.


This bizarre co-op shooter has been around for seven years and shows no signs of slowing down. Players choose between one of the 30-plus Warframes — sort of like Classes in an MMORPG — and take part in fast-paced, sci-fi shootouts. If guns aren’t your thing, Warframe also features a wide variety of melee weapons that allow you to get up close and personal with your intergalactic foes.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Even those with solid gaming PCs might think twice about streaming this one, as running it with maxed-out settings is sure to be a burden on their system. GeForce Now can handle the massive open world of The Witcher 3 without a hiccup, and it even allows you to play the game remotely from an underpowered laptop. If you’ve yet to experience the politically charged journey of Geralt, GeForce Now gives you an easy way to do so.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve has offered up most of its catalog to GeForce Now — including classics such as Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is also part of that selection, and the game runs surprisingly well on Nvidia’s service. Competitive esports players might shy away from streaming such a game — that is, one that relies heavily on twitch reflexes — but the rest of us can still have a blast running around with our knives in Casual Mode.

Apex Legends

Gearing up to enter its fifth Season, Apex Legends will be introducing a new Legend and a new Quest system on May 12. The squad-based shooter relies heavily on teamwork, and you’ll need to carefully coordinate your attacks with your fellow combatants if you hope to make it out of Kings Canyon alive. Each character comes with a unique set of abilities, making it of paramount importance to play as a team.

Rocket League

Six cars dive for the ball in a Rocket League match

Who would have thought that combining a soccer game and a racing game could result in something so fun? Rocket League released nearly five years ago and still manages to pull in over 200,000 concurrent users a day. For a game this bizarre, that’s quite the achievement. Players are tasked with driving their vehicles into a massive ball and guiding it toward the other team’s goal. It sounds weird — and it certainly is — but once you start playing, it’s difficult to put down.

League of Legends


League of Legends is by far the most popular MOBA on the market. In fact, it boasts a player base of more than 100 million. All those fans now have a new way to play, as the title is fully compatible with GeForce Now. Developer Riot Games is staying busy creating other games — such as Valorant — but that doesn’t mean League of Legends has fallen by the wayside. The title almost always has some cool event going on, with plenty more coming up throughout 2020. We’re excited to see what will happen next.

Dota 2

If you’re not a League of Legends fan, no worries. Valve’s own MOBA is also available on GeForce Now. Dota 2 has become complex than League of Legends, but also less dynamic. We’d even call it more restrictive. In typical MOBA fashion, players will march down lanes and try to destroy the enemies’ Ancient while simultaneously defending their own. It sounds like a simple task, but winning a round involves teamwork, dexterity, and hundreds of hours of practice. This is one GeForce Now title we could spend a few hours (or more) navigating.


Control holds the title as one of the most ambitious games of 2019. In this game, you play Jesse, who has supernatural powers. Powers include telekinesis and levitation and can be used to your advantage throughout the game. Each power provides you the tools suited for a diversity of landscapes along with abilities to counter and defeat your opponents.

Control is similar to Metroidvania in the ways players improve their knowledge and skillset as the game goes on. The more you play the game, the further you advance on the map and in terms of your skills. The game assumes a kind of positive reinforcement strategy that rewards your character as they continue to improve their skillset by unlocking entry into new worlds with beautiful scenery and engaging tasks. Control has always received widespread acclaim with players and creators within the gaming industry for this innovative approach.

GeForce Now is our favorite streaming service for popular gameplay. This is the most flexible streaming service for games that we’ve found because it allows you to play any game on any device. Before committing to the service, make sure you know what will work and which of the many choices will work best for you.

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