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Have you suffered the embarrassment of having your generic headphones glitch out in the middle of a Zoom call, tried to message a colleague for the info, and got caught out? Does your PC’s built-in microphone suffer from feedback, distortion, and other audio errors that impact everyone else on the call? Are the roofers across the street making your co-workers think you’re practicing for an impromptu Stomp performance?

Whether you work from home full-time or are just looking to upgrade your workplace setup, having a comfortable and functional headset while providing consistent, high-quality audio is crucial. We’ve taken the time and found you a curated selection of the best headsets for Zoom and other video conferencing services to suit a variety of preferences and budgets. Learn more about our picks and how they can serve you well for years to come.

Logitech H150 Stereo Headset ($40)

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As the Logitech H150 proves, a headset doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to work reliably and provide high-quality audio. Only costing a modest $40, this headset was created with online learning and services Zoom in mind and designed so that users can hear every word of the conversation, stay in the loop and control your side of the conversation.

As such, this headset comes with a variety of built-in features, including an adjustable headband, in-line controls for audio, foam earcups, and a rotating microphone arm. Additionally, the noise-canceling functions of the Logitech H150 ensure that your fellow Zoom participants can hear you clearly without any interference.

Jabra Evolve 80 UC Duo ($241)

Image of Jabra Evolve 80 UC Duo
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Zoom callers who prefer a premium product but also prefer a bargain will be well served with the Jabra Evolve 80 UC Duo at around $250. With noise-canceling features specifically designed to mute the office environment’s noise, you can rest assured that the noise of boisterous children or chatty coworkers will not intrude on your meeting (always remember to lock your doors, though).

With large leatherette ear cushions, a fully-adjustable headband, in-line call answering, closing, jacks for both 3.5mm and USB-A, and a “busy” light to inform colleagues that you’re on a call, users can enjoy plug-and-play convenience in an attractive package. Avaya, CISCO, and Microsoft also certify the Jabra Evolve 80 UC Duo and offer seamless integration with many Unified Communications vendors, making it ideal for personal and professional applications.

Apple AirPods Pro ($200 – $250)

Image of Apple Airpods Pro
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Sought after by devotees of Apple and regular consumers alike, it’s clear that these genuinely wireless headphones have become prized possessions for both their utility and their position as a status symbol. However, Apple AirPods Pro is also ideal for Zoom calls and other telecommunications by providing decent noise-cancellation, superb call quality, and enhanced bass output to boost overall audio quality.

Users can wear an earbud in one or both ears and quickly answer and close calls with a simple double-pinch while enjoying the freedom of superior wireless connectivity.  These earbuds work well with both MacOS and Windows PCs, though it’s worth noting that the Airpods Pro excels at switching back and forth between devices connect via iCloud.

Sony WH-1000XM4 ($350)

Image of Sony WH-1000XM4
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Offering significant improvements on an already impressive series of headsets, the WH-1000XM4 costs a pretty penny. Still, in this case, you certainly get what you pay for — five microphones for calls, the ability to integrate Alexa or Google Assistant, and up to 30 hours of noise-canceling and wireless functionality doesn’t come cheaply. In addition to the previous generation’s sensors that auto-calibrated the headset based on head size and whether you wear glasses, a new sensor in the left earcup detects when the headphones are worn and automatically pauses the audio when removed.

The new and improved Bluetooth upgrades features include multi-point pairing, allowing users to connect to two devices simultaneously and instantly switch between them as needed. It also has a “quick attention” mode that lets you pause your audio and have a conversation by cupping the right earphone, which will resume when you remove your hand. The headphones can even detect when you start speaking to someone IRL and pause the audio for between 15 seconds and a minute, or until you manually resume it.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 ($379)

Image of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
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It’s said that silence is golden — the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 only prove just how true that statement can be. If you want to experience 11 noise-cancellation settings from full transparency to complete noise cancelation, follow the Bose Music app’s instructions for iOS and Android for a guided setup and easy pairing with a digital assistant of your choice.

For those who prefer a genuinely customizable level of noise cancelation, you can adjust your ANC manually via the left earphone. You can also set up a cycle of your three favorite settings, determine how much of your voice you can hear on a call, change the language of verbal prompts, or disable them entirely. A remarkably sensitive microphone allows users to perform voice commands with ease and delivers exceptional call quality while offering intuitive tap-and-hold answering, muting, and call declining functions via the right earphone. All in all, the Bose 700 is an impressive — if expensive — headset that will be the envy of the office in more ways than one.

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