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These days, you can hardly step outside your house without seeing somebody snapping a selfie. In a world full of selfies, make yours stand out by using a selfie app. These apps are loaded with tools that enhance your natural beauty and bring out your best features. Want to master the art of the selfie? Below, we’ve listed our favorite selfie apps to help you snap an Instagram-worthy portrait that highlights your natural features without going overboard.

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Facetune2 is the ultimate selfie app. It ensures that regardless of what you consider to be your facial flaws, you can use the app to correct them — and your parents will still recognize you. Specific retouching tools let you fix problem skin, whiten teeth, slim down or fatten up your face, brighten eyes, tame eyebrows, or go glamorous with full makeup and glitter. The app offers advanced tools for altering the light source, removing shadows and glare, and controlling color temperature and saturation. A comparison tool lets you view before and after each step. Facetune2 is constantly updated, adding new features and streamlining the interface. Newer features include a revamped makeup palette with rainbow colors, multi-color neon filters, Light FX, and light leak effects. A Magic camera lets you tweak features and add makeup as you shoot with live filters to enhance your look. Choose from dozens of new backdrop themes including collage, urban style, and fashion. A new Hair tool lets you experiment with hair color.

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Retrica is a social network as well as a selfie photo and video app that gets you into the Instagram groove with tons of filters and stylized looks. You can preview over 150 gorgeous filters before you take your shot — but it doesn’t stop there. Retrica supports selfie collages with a variety of shots from different angles, and live videos or GIFs. Annotate your images with doodles, time stamps, messages, and a huge variety of stickers. The app encourages you to connect with and follow fellow selfie fanatics via the app’s chronological feed. You can also share your photos on Facebook and other social networks, or send images via private message.

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AirBrush offers an easy, flexible take on the selfie genre, and if you’re obsessed with creating the perfect portrait, this app gives you plenty of options. You can extinguish most obvious skin tone, blemishes, and other facial flaws with a tap, but the real fun lies with tweaking each individual feature to enlarge your eyes, slim your face, narrow your nose, and then go completely Hollywood with a slate of nicely done makeup looks to suit every occasion. If you hate applying makeup directly to your mug, you can still get the full treatment with AirBrush. Newer features include premium presets like Smooth 2.0 to fix skin imperfections. The Hair Dye update lets you add shine to your locks. An updated Relight features 3D lighting presets to enhance photo brightness, hue, and softness. A Foundation tool helps to conceal wrinkles, blemishes, and even out your skin tone, while the Teeth feature whitens and aligns your smile.

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If you’re looking for a selfie cam with an indie attitude, have a peek at Cymera. Cymera not only fixes your face, but also lets you style your presentation. First, you can perfect your look with 130 filters and special effects with an emphasis on skin smoothing, in addition to hundreds of hair and makeup items. Body shapers can trim your waist or reshape your legs. But what’s really intriguing about this app is its collection of seven camera lenses — divided lenses, fisheye, Lomo, and others. A silent mode lets you shoot on the sly. When you’re done, you can resort to styling your composition with a variety of stickers, art effects, built-in collage grids, or blurred backgrounds.

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Selfie City

Do cities have identities? Does your personality reflect a particular city? SelfieCity uses this trope as a metaphor for self-reflection in addition to several other features that distinguish it from ordinary selfie apps. Each city — Formosa, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, New York — offers a set of filters that are designed to broadly reflect its character or neighborhoods. There’s also the Double Exposure, Selfie Collage (combine up to 16 portraits), blurring and vignetting, live AR effects, and a function that mimics Apple live photos. The app’s intelligent beautification feature uses face recognition to enhance skin tone and texture. Many of the results are highly conceptual and artistic. It may or may not be your cuppa, but the concepts are intriguing and worth a try.

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A Color Story

It’s not just another pretty interface chock full of filters. A Color Story rocks some serious editing tools for both photos and videos that help you improve your portraits even before you start to tackle faces. With over 300 filters designed by photo pros, 100 effects, and a boatload of advanced photo tools, your selfie is in good, colorful hands. A Color Story takes a different approach to filters in that it enhances colors already present in your composition to create an engaging scene. The app uses light leaks, flares, color fogs, and blend modes to give your selfie that artistic flair. Look out for Instagram grid preview and planning features and even batch editing. Newer features include advanced adjustments to all your favorite filters, allowing you to adjust each filter’s warmth, saturation, and brightness. Updated versions include object removal, zoom for precision, a linear selection tool, a photo blemish remover for tiny but distracting imperfections.

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YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect lets you shoot both still and video selfies while an auto-beautify feature enhances your looks. The app masks skin flaws, while an eye enhancer enlarges eyes and removes under-eye puffiness. With group selfies, the app’s multi-face detection can enhance the look of each face in your shot. YouCam Perfect improves selfies with elements like stickers, backgrounds, collages, and frames, and can remove distracting background objects. With full-body portraits, the app works to lengthen legs and slim bodies or make you look taller or shorter. Newer features include a mirror tool, new animated effects like rainbow lights, improved auto-detect (giving you sharper cut-outs for your portraits), and a range of new beautify presets and animated stickers and effects for premium members. A new sky and one-tap background replacement let you transport your tableau. There are also new animated snowflake effects, simple and neat classic collage styles, a blending (double exposure) tool via a second layer, the ability to whiten your teeth in Live Cam mode and share your videos to TikTok.

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For when you absolutely gotta look drop-dead gorgeous for your portrait, you can rely on Perfect365. This virtual makeup app sports 20 makeup and beauty tools, and over 200 presets and looks. A pro color palette lets you experiment with different color combinations. Perfect365 offers built-in beauty advice, complete with video tutorials, makeup tips, subtle feature enhancement, or full-on glamor. The app’s face detection promotes a natural look with accurate makeup placement. What separates Perfect365 from similar apps isn’t just the toolset, but its native ability to adjust the intensity of each effect using a slider. Further, it’s lined with a melange of celebrity-inspired templates aimed at beautifying your selfie, regardless if you’re set on trying a new pair of lashes or adjusting your skin tone.

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While Snapchat lets you take any kind of photo or video you want, most people want it for the selfies. After snapping a photo you can add text overlays, World Lenses, and Bitmoji, send it to friends and family, and make the evidence disappear by having your creation self-destruct at a set interval. That ensures no one else besides the intended recipient gets to see your crazy cat whiskers and dog ears. As a selfie app that offers a bit of discretion and self-destructing options, Snapchat works excellently. You can also shoot a selfie in Snapchat and save it to your camera roll to post to Instagram or Facebook. Choose Save to Memories and Camera Roll to automatically save to your photos. You can now save snaps by pressing and holding on the Snap in Chat for photo snaps set to No Limit and video snaps set to Loop.

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With Camera360, you can be in it just for the lulz. Experiment with augmented reality, animal face stickers, animated frames, themes and costumes, and sound effects for photos and videos that make your photo reflect more of your inner self than you ever dared share. But seriously, the app also includes traditional imaging tools like crop, sharpness, and color temperature as well as beautification tools that apply makeup, hide blemishes, enlarge eyes, plump lips, slim noses and cheeks, and whiten teeth. Choose from a variety of special effects like light leaks and color casts, or paint artistic effects directly on your mug. The app also features over 100 classic photo filters and live filters, including Magic Skin/Sky/Color, Mirror, Double Exposure, Film, HDR, and many more. Newer features include a one-tap remover pen to eliminate blemishes for perfect skin. New filters include Picnic, Retro and Dark Tone, and Spring Festival. You can now get more facial features for free alongside a new custom backdrop change feature. A new blending mode lets you create a double exposure to layer color and opacity or add a stroke effect after image matting.

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Selfie Editor

This app has all you could ask for when it comes to refining the ultimate selfie. The interface is quite colorful and intuitive. After you capture your photo, you can quickly and effortlessly start editing it in the app. Auto mode gives you sliders to adjust skin tone, brightness, smoothness, lip width and height, eye sharpness, and teeth whitening. You can edit the size of your eyes, nose, and jaw and then apply your favorite filters from a seemingly infinite list of choices.


Pip Camera

Pip Camera livens up your selfies with a roundup of creative 3D borders that showcase the character of your face and disposition. Your picture gets filtered through everyday objects like bubbles, camera lenses, bottles, glasses, hearts, and other components that most people would not typically associate with selfies. Combining these diverse props and adding them to your selfies is fun and makes for some unique and sometimes bizarre-looking photos. The app comes with additional filters you can use to customize your foreground and background. You don’t even have to limit your photos to the best pictures because the app has a photomontage mode that allows you to show off every selfie you take proudly.

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