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If you’re like us, you love a good prank, even if you’re not so great at pulling them off on your own. Maybe your voice is too distinct, or you can’t manage to get through the prank without laughing. Whatever the case, a voice changer app can change the game for you, allowing you to prank your friends and loved ones to your heart’s content.

Read on as we cover the best and most fun voice changer apps available today so that you can become the prank master in your crew.


Snapchat is more famous for filters that change your appearance, but there are voice filters as well, which you can access by tapping the loudspeaker icon at the bottom left after recording a video. There are various options to play around with, so experiment and see what suits you best. You may already have this popular video chat app on your phone for group chats with your friends, but if not, it’s available for Android and iOS.

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Best Voice Changer

It’s a bold move to proclaim your app the best at what it does, but Best Voice Changer is so confident, it puts that claim right there in its name. While it’s hard to pick just one voice changer as the best, this app at least makes a compelling case with a fairly clean UI and a wide range of features. The app lets you record voice files, and you can also import files you already have. Once you’ve loaded a file, you have a variety of vocal effects to add including making yourself sound like a robot, an alien, a bee, and more. Some of the effects are lackluster — the “Old Radio” filter ended up producing a wall of noise — but the ones that work do so as expected. The app is free, but does involve some ads, although they don’t take up too much space.


Call Voice Changer

If you’re specifically looking for an app that can change your voice during a phone call, Call Voice Changer could be the one for you. This app allows you to change your voice pitch during a call and use lots of sound effects. There is no free option — you pay per minute — but before you commit to a purchase, you can use the app in demo mode. In demo mode, you can listen to yourself and give the effects a test run. On top of that, you get two minutes free to try the app out on someone before you commit to purchasing more minutes. The prices range from $1 for two minutes up to $40 for 170 minutes. This app is available for iOS.


Voice Changer Plus

While you can’t use Voice Changer Plus during a live call, this fun iOS app lets you create and share recordings for free. Voice Changer Plus works for more than just talking, you can actually use the app while singing. You can choose from a vast selection of background effects and 55 voices, like Darth Vader or a robot. It’s even possible to play your recording backwards!

If you want to enhance your experience with Voice Changer Plus, you can pay just $2 to upgrade to Premium to remove ads and add a photo to your prank voice recordings. You can speed your voice up, slow it down, even turn your (tuneful) singing into something nobody will want to listen to with the Bad Melody feature.


Voice Changer

This app gives you the chance to get creative with your voice options, including a few strange cast members like a robot, duck, alien, or chipmunk. Applying the voice modification is pretty straightforward; You can turn on the effect as you’re recording the audio, or you can save a recording of your normal voice and import that audio into the app to apply a filter. 

Compared to voice-changing competitors, this app can appear a little outdated. We also were disappointed that we couldn’t run the app while we were on a voice call. However, one significant benefit of this app is that it’s free for users and it’s regularly updated. You just have to put up with some ads.

Voice-changer apps can totally elevate your prank game or bring a whole new element to your videos. Most of the apps on this list are free, but if you decide to pay for special features, you’ll unlock a series of new voices and special effects that will make it hard to go back to a basic version. This is the kind of app that can make you the king of all practical jokers. We recommend if you’re trying to pull off a prank on the phone in real-time that you invest in a quality app.


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