The most important Oculus Quest 2 accessories are on sale today

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A ton of people opened a Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest 2 for Christmas this year and do you know what that means? A ton of people are about to realize they could really use some small accessories to improve the overall experience. The Quest 2 is an amazing VR device. It is a lot of fun out of the box, but with a couple of small add-ons you can dramatically improve the overall experience. And fortunately for you, Amazon has four of the most commonly purchased accessories on sale today. 

First up is the standard carrying case. It’s not the most attractive gray case in the world, but it perfectly holds everything and makes traveling much nicer. It’s also $10 cheaper today. 

If you want to use your Quest 2 for higher-quality VR experiences on your computer, you need a Quest Link Cable. This cable will allow you to play anything from the Oculus or Steam stores with the same basic quality you’d expect, but it’s a pretty expensive cable. Today, you can knock $10 off that price tag. 

The strap included with the Quest 2 isn’t great. It’s clearly designed for quick access and no doubt helps lower the initial cost, but you really want the Elite Strap to better hug your head and allow you to play for longer. This strap comes in two versions, one with a bigger battery and one without, and they’re both on sale today.

If you’re looking for more great things to do with your Quest 2, our Scott Stein has a great guide on the best games for the platform. 

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