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We know what you’re thinking. Does the new Razer X Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch have RGB lighting? Well, it’s not going to challenge one of the gaming brand’s keyboards or PC components, but one of the three custom watch faces does add an RGB effect to the outer edge of the dial. That’s good enough for us, and the geekiness level of this brand new limited edition smartwatch is raised even further by there only being 1,337 — another way of writing “leet,” or elite when referring to a gamer’s skill level — made.

In addition to the three custom watch faces, you also get two special straps with the smartwatch, one in Razer’s trademark green color scheme, and the other in black. It’s based on Fossil’s recently announced Gen 6 smartwatch platform and the design hasn’t changed, but Razer’s branding has been added to the buckle on each strap, and it comes in a cool, special edition box.

Razer x Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch RGB watch face.
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That’s about it for the Razer-specific elements, and otherwise the specification is the same as the regular Gen 6. It has a 44mm case made from stainless steel which houses a 1.28-inch touchscreen. The case has stainless steel buttons, which aid in the operation of Google’s Wear OS software. No, it’s not the new Wear OS 3 platform seen on the Galaxy Watch 4, but the good news is Fossil confirms it will get Wear OS 3 in 2022.

Razer x Fossil Gen 6 box and strap.

While the software isn’t bang up to date right now, the processor is. The Razer X Fossil Gen 6 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 chip inside, complete with 1GB of RAM and 8GB storage space. That should at least keep Wear OS running smoothly. The smartwatch has NFC for wireless payments, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, and a combination heart rate and Sp02 blood oxygen sensor on the back. Finally, the battery has fast charging and reaches 80% capacity in 30 minutes.

The Razer X Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch was announced at CES 2022 and will cost $329 when it’s released in January. It will be sold through Razer and Fossil’s website, plus through Gamestop as well. The low number of models being made means it may not hang around for long, so Razer fanatics should be quick to grab one.

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