Twitter adds third-party signup with Apple or Google

Twitter has introduced third-party login support, letting users create accounts and log in to the social network with their Apple or Google accounts (via 9to5Mac). Currently, there doesn’t appear to be a way to link your Apple or Google account to an existing Twitter account, so third-party login is (at least for the moment) limited to accounts created using the feature.

The feature reportedly showed up in the Twitter beta last month, but now it appears to be more widely available. I was able to set up a Twitter account using my Apple account, and the process was like a more streamlined version of the regular signup process — there were no emails or passwords to deal with, and when signing in with Google, it even brought over the profile picture I use for my Google account.

At the moment, the sign-in experience isn’t universal. Signing in with Google is possible on iOS, Android, and Web, but doing so with Apple is currently iOS-only (though web support is coming soon, according to Twitter Support). The current version of the Twitter for Mac desktop app doesn’t seem to support either login method.

On Android, signing into an account created with Apple doesn’t appear to be possible — the Continue with Apple button isn’t there, and using the traditional Twitter sign-on with my Apple ID password didn’t seem to work.

What’s more, you don’t seem to be able to change your password after you’ve created your account with an Apple login, as the page asks for your current password. A Twitter support page does mention the ability to disconnect your Apple or Google account, but it’s web-only, which Apple users can’t log into yet. (Google users can perform a password reset after disconnecting their accounts.) We’ve reached out to Twitter to clarify whether this process should work, if it’s done by other means, or if it’s currently not possible.

It’s likely no accident that Sign in with Google and Sign in with Apple are launching at the same time — Apple’s App Store guidelines require apps to include Apple as an option if the app allows any other third-party logins.

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