Upgrade your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset with a far better strap for $26


As much as I love the Oculus Quest 2 and recognize that it’s almost certainly the best VR headset ever made, I can’t deny that it has a few shortcomings. Despite being a completely self-contained wireless headset that can be used on its own or wirelessly connected to a PC for PC VR gaming, it’s so aggressively uncomfortable that it almost seems like it must have been intentional. Replacing the stock head strap with Oculus’s official Quest 2 Elite strap helps, but it costs $49. There are cheaper alternatives like the one from Esimen, which costs a slightly more reasonable $37. Well, right now and while supplies last, you can get the Esimen Adjustable Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2 for $26 when you apply promo code E68HHLR9 at checkout. 

Esimen’s head strap is functionally the same as the official Oculus version: It snaps into place on either side of the headset and, a dial in the back lets you tighten and loosen it as needed. It uses a thick layer of PU foam for padding and is actually a smarter design in some ways — the strap is more flexible and the dial is easier to wrap your fingers around when it’s on your head, for example. 

Unfortunately, it’s going to take a fundamental redesign for the headset to actually quality as “comfortable,” but for just $26 this is an affordable way to improve the fit and feel of the headset, especially for extended VR gaming sessions. 

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