Viral ‘Apparently Kid’ video just got a pitch-perfect soundtrack

Remember the “Apparently Kid,” who went viral for repeatedly dropping the word “apparently” during an interview at the Wayne County Fair? That inimitable 2014 exchange now has its own soundtrack, and it’s pitch-perfect. 

Pianist and songwriter Brandon Ethridge scored the interview and posted a split-screen YouTube video called “The Apparently Kid — the Mini Musical.” It shows the musician playing ragtime-style piano alongside little Noah Ritter as the kindergartner offers hilarious commentary on his experience at the fair. A smiling Ethridge paces his playing to Ritter’s enthusiastic intonations, and it’s all a lot of joy. 

In case you missed “Apparently Kid” the first time around, Ritter captured hearts with his liberal use of a word that’s apparently typically thought of as grown-up parlance. 

When a local reporter asks what Ritter thought of a ride at the fair, he looks straight into the camera. “It was great,” he says, “and apparently I’ve never been on live television before, but apparently sometimes I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid and apparently grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the Powerball.” 

Ritter then grabs the mic from the reporter like a boss and continues to talk about the ride, which apparently he loved. Ritter’s a natural for television — he went on to charm an audience on The Ellen Show — and Ethridge just gave him the perfect musical accompaniment for future audition reels. 

Ethridge, who’s based in New York, has previously provided musical accompaniment to footage of the lawyer who turned up to a Zoom hearing as as a cat and to Anthony Fauci talking about CDC mask guidelines. Watch the original Apparently Kid interview that inspired Ethridge’s latest composition below. 

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