What If…? episode 7 recap: Party Thor makes a Marvel-style mess

The God of Thunder stars in episode 7 of What If… ?

Marvel Studios

Following Killmonger’s rise to power last week,  episode 7 of alternate reality Marvel Cinematic Universe animated series What If…? hit Disney Plus Wednesday. This one puts Thor in the spotlight, as we see how differently the God of Thunder would have turned out if he’d had no Loki to challenge him growing up.

The all-seeing Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), who keeps an eye on the many realities of the  multiverse but vows never to interfere, asks What If… Thor Were an Only Child?

SPOILERS coming down like a hammer.


A Dark Vision

All seems to end well after Thor and company clean up Earth and he acknowledges that Jane Foster was right to call Frigga on him. He asks Jane out on a date and appears to have grown up.

Ultron-Vision in Marvel's What If... ?

An Infinity Stone-wielding Ultron-Vision strikes in the episode’s final moments.

Marvel Studios

However, an unexpected threat appears in the form of Vision, who’s armed with all six Infinity Stones and decked out in Ultron armor. He’s brought an army of Ultron sentries, apparently intending to wreak havoc.

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