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E3 is just around the corner, and all of the big video game developers are setting up their livestreams for the event. Microsoft will join companies like Nintendo and Square Enix in hosting a 90-minute digital showcase highlighting its games. The event is a joint Xbox and Bethesda stream detailing new games and content from Bethesda Softworks, Xbox Game Studios, and some third-party developers.

We can expect to see Starfield, Halo Infinite, and possibly an expansion to the library found in the Xbox Game Pass. Of course, completely new game announcements are expected as well, and perhaps even plans for the next line of Xbox Series consoles.

When can I watch the Xbox Showcase?

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Save the date for the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase: | #XboxBethesda

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The E3 2021 Xbox Showcase will broadcast at 10 a.m. PT  on June 13. That’s similar timing to other showcases, which begin mid-morning on the west coast and in the afternoon on the east coast. It’s the perfect thing to watch while you drink a morning coffee or have a lunch break (which might just be more coffee).

Where can I watch the Xbox Showcase?

The showcase can be viewed on Xbox’s YouTube channel, Twitch page, Facebook, and Twitter. So regardless of your preferred platform, you will be able to watch the showcase this year.

What announcements will be made at the Xbox Showcase?

We can expect to see plenty of new game announcements, follow-ups on already announced games, and possibly something with the Xbox Game Pass. However, we don’t really have anything confirmed, so this is all speculation. We can make some safe guesses, though. Starfield and Halo Infinite feel like shoo-ins, as these games are the biggest games from Microsoft and Bethesda that are expected to come out this year.

We might also get more information about Psychonauts 2, which is set to release this year. It wouldn’t really be E3 if we didn’t get new Forza news. Elder Scrolls 6 is also a possibility, but it’s unlikely we’ll get any extensive information about it … expect another teaser, if anything.

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